Salvia Trip

I was giving directions, and my friend was the floor!!


Posted by Anonymous on 23/01/2008
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Type/Strength:10x Standardized
Dosage:one big hit
Method of Ingestion:Water bong

OK the last time I smoked I totally blacked out and came too laughing my ass off on my friends floor.
So I went back to his house yesterday and packed 1/2 bowl in my new bong. I cashed the bowl in one big hit and leaned back onto the couch. When I exhaled I could feel the familiar feeling overtaking me. Before I knew what happened I was on a street corner (not really though) with the sunshine and trees swaying in the wind. Two "beings" asked me directions to the icecream store, I say beings because I couldn't see them or hear them, but I knew they were there. These "beings" are usually with me everytime I smoke salvia but I never see them and they never actually speak to me with words, but with my thoughts. Anyways, from my friends view of me..I was sitting on the cough pointing one way saying"no, no you can't go that way"then I would point in the other direction "you have to go this way over here" then I closed my eyes and started laughing my ass off.When I opened my eyes I was back in my friends livingroom sitting on the couch with tears rolling down my face from laughter.

Then my friend sat on the couch. This was his first time smokin Sally D. He sorta knew what to expect because he did some reseach, and was my sitter 3 or 4 times over the past month or so. He took in about 1/2 bowl in one big hit. When he exhaled I knew he was being effected because of the big grin he had on his face. He rolled to his knees on the floor and kept saying "I'm uncertified...everything is uncertified" from his knees he layed on his stomach on his carpet.Then started laughing really really hard.When he came too..(5-6 minutes)he told me that he turned into a piece of hardwood flooring and he had the sensation of being installed. :D He couldn't believe what happened, and plans on doing it again soon. He popped his salvia cherry!!!!!


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