Salvia Trip

i wish i was making this up


Posted by Anonymous on 14/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:glass bowl

ok so i got my salvia in the mail and more excited then ever went to a local field with some friends to smoke it. i had bought it so natually i went first. i took what may have been the biggest hit of my life held it in till i couldnt anymore then let it out started blankly for a second and my whole body went numb and i fell back then quickly shooting back up to my original sitting position and began laughing harder then ever and my laugh was one that had never come out of me before and then i basically blacked out. i was no longer concious to ppl talking to me and i was laying face down in the grass. thats when it started it felt like a dream but i knew it wasnt and i had forgotten id even smoked salvia. but anyway i meet these "grass people" thats the only thing i could call them but anyway it was as if i was best friends with all of them in the past but moved on to my new friends who were with me that day and i was with my grass friends and i wanted to go back to my pther friends but they wouldnt let me! they said i had to stay with them oh and they were tiny by the way and i was tiny too looking up at my seemingly giant friends and then we all got chased by something not sure what but i was sprinting in the trip but in reality i was laying down wtill just squirming. but anyway i came too and i seen my friends and i was happier then ever i thought i would never see them again i thought i was going to be stuck in that grass world forever! but as i came too the feild in wich we were in seemed like a big ass grassy plain and all my friends were fifty yards away from me and in actuality they were maybe five feet away and if i closed my eyes i could still go back to the grass ppl so i wouldnt let em shut cause i was still terrified i was gonna be stuck there. for those who havent experienced sally yet you may not believe me but that is the real deal and salvia is no joke. im not sure ive ever been that scared in my life. for those who havent tried it styart slow but id recomend just smoking weed!


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