Salvia Trip

If you don\'t go back you\'ll die


Posted by Polyamorous on 30/09/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Smoke

I'm going to post for you exactly what i wrote last night after taking salvia.

Everything is connected
This reality is not the real reality.
I understand now. I am not separated from "God".

My feeling is that all of history past and present are meaningless. All of time exists as one. this is not the true reality.

Alice in wonderland.

During my trip i felt like i would not return here. although i saw my room and that i was in it. but felt like i wasnt connected to it.


As i write this the feelings are fading. i dont want to forget.

Tonight i decided to take more salvia and try to get a better understanding of what i meant by writing that last night.

So i pack a pipe of salvia 60x. I light it then smoke some of it. I remember coughing and spilling the burning salvia on the floor. frantically i tried to pat the smoke out before i completely went on my trip. Next i remember laying back on my bed. I get that feeling of being folded people talk about. I picture a house something out of a childrens book. Next thing i know i rising out of what can only be describe as a cocoon. A bunch of neon blue/green cocoon's around me. There's a presence i can feel. In this state i know i'm not dreaming or seeing things. I am truly existing. My former(life as we know it) is not real. Through this experience i am calm and enjoying the eternity of all that is. i get uneasy only when I feel myself returning to this world. and i remember holding on saying to this being "i don't want to go back" he says "you have to". I say no and i hold on for dear life trying to cling to that reality. The being say's "if you don't go back you'll die". I say "i don't care" "i'm staying" and i continue to struggle to stay there. Then i feel myself slowly slipping back to this reality. Disappointed that i'm back. Understanding that i have to finish my sentence here and then i'll return to the true reality.

This was intense. While i was there i had a strong sense that it was "real". Now that i'm back i don't know. You would think by the journey to the "otherside" and not wanting to come back here. that i'm depressed and don't like my life here. This cannot be further from the true. I am content with my life and everything in it. I'm 25. i know there's more to experience here. with that said i wonder why i was clinging to what i believed at the time was the true reality.


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Posted by papasmurf on 10/10/2010
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a picture book. i have been searching for hours for a good discription of how my trip was, and "childrens picture book" pretty much describes it for me thx man


Posted by Belansky907 on 11/04/2010
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I love this story, it sounds like quite the trip to have.


Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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Cool experiences

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