Salvia Trip

ill see u up there


Posted by Anonymous on 18/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:glass bowl

I bought some 20x and 50x first time i took 2 hits the second hit was a big one and i fell back in the seat of the van i was in with 3 friends. everyone was staring at me and they all were faded and i couldnt recognize any of them they looked like cartoons without outlines. i started laughing uncontrollably and one friend said something and then i remembered what was happening. my whole body felt pinned to the seat and i was sitting on my jacket and it felt like big car seat. i couldnt talk when i tried i either laughed or mumbled with sign language. i was finally able to talk again only about 4 mins later. nothing felt real for about another 2 minutes.

The second time i took the 50x in my friends basement with about 6 other people sitting in a circle. my friend next me took it right after i did a started laughing again and he wasnt trippin yet so he asked what was going on i was speaking my own language that i understood but no one else did i looked at the ceiling and it looked like a big tunnel with trippy colors and designs going up it. i looked at my friend and npointed up and said ill see u up there and put my head back and got pulled up the tunnel i got to the top and everything was made of glass with different colors for as far as i could see. there was another tunnel next to me back down to the basement. i was looking down and could see my friend calling me to come down but i couldnt leave. i told him to come up but he couldnt. once it stopped i was back in the chair and my friend was still next to me and he didnt get a good enough hit to trip it felt like he couldnt come up the tunnel with me because he wasnt tripping.

Now i just wonder if he did trip if we could communicate in that open glass room. i love salvia


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