Salvia Trip

In a field, my dog is my sitter.


Posted by Anonymous on 22/08/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Small pipe+hurricane lighter

Since I don't have someone to sit for me, I have tried taking gradually stronger amounts while I assess what happens, the levels of experience, and what I can handle, e.g. what dose I need to go somewhere, and how long it lasts. So I go for a walk with my dog Ben, in a nice secluded field, on sunny days, sit down and feel the warmth, and use him as a focal point, and in sunlight things feel safer, and the daylight seems to help keep me grounded during my tentative explorations into this strange world. He wanders around the field quite happily, while I get high!
So here are different walk days....

1st field trip (LOL): Sat cross-legged, gentle hit of 5x, and feel the Edge coming on. My eyes are closed and I'm listening intently to the sounds of birds and wind in the trees. During my high, Ben comes running right past me and sounds like a bloody steam train, quite loud. But I just say in a calm slow voice, Hi Ben. And he's gone. I can't see him anywhere, and wonder whether he truly did run past me? The I see him about 100 yards away. Huh?

2nd field trip: Cross legged on the grass, under a tree. Eyes closed, The Edge pulls at me and I go in. I can hear the birds and bees around me. The sun is beating down, and I'm perspiring. Then I can hear a buzzard, its sharp call clear and high, so high above me, and then it felt like I was actually that graceful bird, looking down through the trees at a man sat cross-legged on the ground, and near him watching is a big white dog.

3rd field trip: This time I'm going to take a much harder hit, but standing up and eyes open. Under the big oak tree at the side of the field I light up the pipe, inhale and hold. The Edge starts - pulls me again. Again, Such a strange effect and taste, and sensation in my mouth of my tongue pressing, and sensitivity of my body. The wet sunlit grass starts to look odd, vibrant, and my perspective becomes tilted. It feels like I need to walk, almost unable to stop myself walking. My feet feel numb, its like I'm walking on stilts. Feels like I'm walking at a slant.
I watch Ben at the far end of the field, and he looks back at me, normal, nothing odd to him. He makes me feel safe. I turn round slowly and look back at the tree, and suddenly wonder How did I get here to the middle of the field? That happened quickly, I don't remember coming here. I follow Ben as he walks around the field, meandering a bit aimlessly, the hit is wearing off now, but I still keep stopping and thinking, huh? how do I keep getting to this new point so quickly? It's like I'm in a dream, or waking sleep.

Fully awake but dreaming a gentle dream. Like my perspective of time has totally changed. You know how a dream can hold lots of things happening, as if 20 mins or an hour have passed, and yet you've been asleep only a couple of minutes?

It generates some idea or theory in my mind about how Salvia operates on you. When you go to sleep normally you become unconscious, just unaware blackness, you sleep, you wake, and several hours have passed, the night goes in an instant.

But Salvia reverses this - allows your conscious to see, for a moment, underneath that veil, to witness and become sensitive to the amazing frenetic energy of the subconscious mind.

Where our subconscious is actually in touch with our innermost secrets, desires, fears, and imaginings.

And possibly deeper to spirits, relations past, answers and ultimately if we go deep enough, to get glimpses of ......? The master of all Creation? These are just ideas at the moment, I haven't been there yet, or have I ?


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