Salvia Trip

in a painting


Posted by Anonymous on 23/03/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

i was in my little living room with two of my friends sitting across from me, i grabbed the bong and took a pretty good hit and held it in till i had to exhale to breathe in. About 5 seconds after i let it out i began to feel weird and laugh uncontrolably. When i looked around the room it all looked like a painting, i looked to the side and everything from both my right and left side began to melt and smear like paint toward the center of the room about two times i saw my buddies heads come out of the swirl of paint in the center of the room and laugh then disapear. the last thing i can really remember is looking up and seeing a tree branch with different colored birds on it. then i kind of snapped out of it really confused and not really speaking to anybody until i had a full grasp on reality and what the hell just happend.


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