Salvia Trip

In Two Dimensions At Once


Posted by Anonymous on 27/03/2009
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Type/Strength:10x or 20x (not sure)
Method of Ingestion:Smoke

SoÖa few months ago I bought some Salvia online, I canít really remember what strength it was, either 10x or 20x.
I decided to try it first of all when I was with a couple of mates sitting in the car having a bit of a smoke, I only done the tiniest little bit 1) because the pipe I was using was tiny and 2) because I didnít want to get the full effects whilst sitting in an uncomfortable environment. Anyway I used a normal lighter to burn it and inhaled the smoke, after holding it in for about 15-20 seconds I could instantly feel the world changing around me, it came on so fast and unexpected that I tried to fight it, it just felt so weird. I instantly thought, holy crap Iím gonna start tripping balls now!
As I looked up to the left I noticed that the moon was beginning to swirl in the sky like a portal sort of thing, and I could feel a force start pulling me up towards it, I also remember seeing rabbits for some reason, about three or four running about outside, Iím not sure if they were real or it was part of the trip though.
This is all that happened on this little trip because I tried to fight it so much as I wasnít expecting to start tripping really.

The next time I tried it was in at my house when my mum was away for the weekend, I had the day off work on the Friday and my mate George came round while the others were at work, he came round for a couple of joints and to be my sitter while I tripped.
I made a bucket bong for this time, as we thought it would hit me harder and I did it in my room with lights, but there was a bit of light coming through my window. It didnít work, I got the pins and needles and intense sweating all over my body but no tripping, I didnít feel right doing it in my room, the walls were plain white at the time and it seemed really, really dull.
I gave it another go, but I just couldnít trip in there or the bong we made wasnít good enough, I think it was a bit of both. All that happened was that I felt like I was sinking into my mattress.

That night the rest of my mates come over to have a smoke and a few drinks, and my mate bought a proper bong with him.
It got to about 9pm and we were all pretty stoned and pissed, and started hitting the Salvia through the bong.
We done some and it just made me laugh uncontrollably, one of my mates just sat there looking wierded out, he said it didnít affect him but I think it did by the look on his face.
My other mate who was doing it, said he will never do it again lol, he didnít even get the full effects either.
He was sitting there trying to talk, but it seemed impossible for him (likewise for me two, it felt like I was talking like a retard) he kept laying back and putting his legs up in the air, he was totally out of it, and it was making me laugh too much, I think I hallucinated that my sides were splitting, because I got really sharp pains on both sides from the laughing.
Anyway, when he came out his trance like state, he just said he thought he was in bed!! That was it!!
He said he couldnít explain much else but said he will never do it again, even though he does mdma and ket.

After this a few of my mates went into town to go clubbing and three of us stayed watching TV.
At about 11ish me and one other mate who didnít try it before decided to give it ago, bear in mind I was quite drunk by now.
We loaded up the bong and both took it in turns of clearing two bowls, we both sat back and closed our eyes, the room was dark and the tv was on with the sound down quite low.
Then after feeling like I was a sleep for a while I sort of awoke suddenly to the weirdest thing I have ever experienced, the left hand side of my body was in the real world, I could see the room I was in around me, but the left hand side of my body wasnít, it was in another dimension.
The dimension seemed to have a ledge, or a couple of steps that my body was laying on and then the rest was a complete void, just blackness. I could see down the middle of where these dimensions split, just like a line dividing them both, it was so surreal. Now for the really weird part, I looked up at the TV and the screen was also split in half down the line that split the two dimensions, on one half (the normal world) was half a head (not sure what was on TV at the time, but the other half of the head in the other dimension was there clear to see and I was absolutely shocked and horrified to see that this half of the head was actually the devils head, it was red and it looked like how I imagine the devil to look, Iím sure this doesnít sound truthful to people but honestly, I swear on my families life it was the devils head.
(Iím not sure if my other friends believed me when I told them this, but they didnít call me a liar so maybe they did. But my friend who was the sitter at this point said that there was not a devil on the TV at any point)
As soon as I saw this on the screen I instantly started freaking out, at first I had been letting myself drift into the other dimension but after seeing the devil my thoughts somewhat changed, are started trying to fight the force of this Ďdimension dividerí as I call it, it felt so, so real as well.
To get myself out of this I had to literally pull my way out of it, honestly, I actually grabbed this Ďdimension dividerí and pulled my self to the left, into the real world and it was a struggle, it felt like the other dimension was still trying to pull me in but I wouldnít allow it, how could I after just seeing the devil for crying out loud, there was no way I was going in there.

After struggling for a while, I finally got my self out to see our sitter looking at me like I was crazy, he saw me struggling but obviously didnít know what I was experiencing until I told him.
I looked at my other mate who had also done some of the salvia and he was gone to the world, his arms were raised, eyes closed and he couldnít hear us, for some reason because I was a bit panicky from what had just happened to me, I shouted his name and its going to be alright.
He instantly opened his eyes, his arms dropped and he looked at me like a lost child.
He explained to me after that a force was pulling him up towards the sky, he didnít say much else about it, so not sure what he really experienced but it was definitely something as he looked in shock when he first came out.

I really, really want to do salvia again.
I want to experience this other dimension so badly as I have so many thoughts about all this.
I have so many theories of what all this is about, how that salvia actually tricks your mind into thinking it is dying and therefore basically shows you the backdoor to this other place that we go when we die.
People have written about near death experiences, when people have nearly died in car crashes or in other ways, and they explain it just like how people describe salvia experiences. I need to see this for myself, its just too interesting for me to not want to see it.

But I donít want to go into it with bad thoughts, and after seeing the bloody devil, itís not that easy not too.

What happens after death of our physical body?
Well in my opinion, salvia shows us partly what happens.


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Posted by alfonsdewolf on 03/28/2009
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Finally, I see someone that has the same theory as I do.
Does Salvia open the door to what we will experience when we die? Can it effectively shut down the brain, and let the Soul step through the 'doorway'?

That would sure explain the astonishing range of experiences that people have. Unbelievable, how varied they are. And would not death itself be so very personal?


Posted by Ghoastercoaster on 10/24/2009
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omg i have the same theory as well! i went to this other world quite literally, it was incredible and everything was like how u explained it.. it was all black like space without stars and there was a shitload of ppl everywhere, i was almost certain this place was another dimension, but once i realised where iwas i began to panic, so i tried to pull myslef out of this world but it kept pulling me back in just like you said! i was in a limbo between the two dimensions, i could see all my friends but then i look over and i was still in this world, i had an extremely strong feeling that i had experienced the past present and future all happening at once and for some reason i thought my life was over.. like i had died just like you said! but i knew it wasnt my time so i tried to escape and i ended up on my buddies roof trying to find a door in the blackness that made up this other dimension.. and then i fell off my buddys roof and snapped out of it.. i cant even begin to explain the experience i had to my friends cuz they didnt trip like i did.. im so glad i found somebody with the same trip as me! this has gotta mean something.

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