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Into the desk


Posted by grimjim on 16/02/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

Ok, so just done another hit, here at my desk, after enjoying reading various reports here on 20x, and smallish pinch, but just holding in for as loonng as possible.

Feeling myself go, and I became incredibly aware of my butt on the chair, and the edge of the desk, then as if my chest and body were becoming molded as one with and part of the the desk and chair, and ...

...strangest was it felt is if all of YOU here reading this website were watching me to see what would happen, and I was saying to you all, 'Ok here I go, can you see what its doing to me?'! And it so felt like you really were all watching me become one with the desk.

Not an intense high, just quite nice, but strong enough to feel very bizarre. Anyway, that's enough pratting around now, its 2.10am and I've got work tomorrow! (And my 20x is nearly all gone, doh)


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Posted by Vidooch on 02/16/2011
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lol nope i dont think any of us were watching, either our souls were watching, or its all a fabrication of your own!

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