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Posted by rosie04 on 16/07/2010
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I discovered salvia about two years ago. I did it once and a year later now I tried it again. Everytime I smoke it I have this feeling like I have a spiritual calling.Every song that I put on tells me something about this calling. A couple of weeks ago I felt like I had discovered the secret of the universe and I couldn't turn back. Kind of like as if my life was GAME OVER. I felt like I had unfinished business and didn't want to go to whatever place was next. After the effects were over and I came back I had a hard time recalling the details of the experience. What I do remember is that I felt to be part of everything; stars, trees, flowers, streets, houses, the sky. Yesterday was a very weird experience. I was listening to Matisyahu on YouTube and once the salvia was in me I had a very huge revelation. Matisyahu was Jesus and he was here to change the world and bring peace. On one of his videos he said that it was hard for him to convince people because he appears as just an ordinary man with no history, but that I had a mission to complete. The mission was to save his people of Burma which are held under strict military control. That I should leave everything behind and just go to Burma . That even if I am too scared to leave my boyfriend that sooner or later love will break my heart. My family will still be ok and the world will go on. That the people captivated at Burma are just like me and they really need help on getting out. He told me that we are all connected through energy, we are all one. That they are my brothers and sisters in need.

I took another hit and he said for me to drink out of a water bottle, I didn't understand why, but then it revealed to me that the water had words inside. So I drank the whole water bottle.

Third hit, I started to feel this doubt inside my heart and it wasn't a good feeling. I started thinking that maybe all this was just being made up by my mind and salvia. I started doubting too too much. As I watched another video of Matisyahu called "message in a bottle" which randomly came next on the playlist. The lyrics made so much sense. It said how he has tried to get his message out to people about saving his people of Burma, but that millions don't have the faith or hope to do it. They always ignore their purpose on Earth. I started to feel so bad because I felt like as if I had failed him. However, he made it clear that there is other stuff I can do like write songs of freedom and put flyers all over the streets to make people more aware of Burma.

Well something that was very weird was that it felt like as if he could read my mind. Like I would think about something and the next video would explain exactly what I was feeling and the solution.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 07/18/2010
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Wow Rosie04 that is a nice report.

I could relate to your experience of such immense realization as you journeyed and SYNCHED UP and you found some clarity and peace. It is always interesting the way Salvia can mold and chisel and weave such a beautiful feeling of suddenly having your eyes opened to your inner self.

I thought it was very positive, but even more, a shift and change of your mind opening to newness and possibilities. Pretty cool yeah?

I have been smoking 20X for about 3 years. I smoke very often. Sometimes alot and sometimes just little pinches. Wow it is so cool to be blessed and learn as the FLIPBOOK of LIFE becomes clearlight.

Maybe you might want to see how you SYNCH with alot of other outside stimuli before you make your final decisions.

Salvia, like life, constantly changes how we observe and experience things.

Anyway, I enjoyed your story. Thanks.


Posted by rosie04 on 07/18/2010
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I also get the storybook feeling. do you think that it is real or just an illusion because of salvia?


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 07/20/2010
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IMHO / Well after 3 years or so of using salvia in every conceivable way I could think of I am actually over it. I definetly don't spend my time using it as some special guide to my life decisions.

It sure is a very interesting plant for sure. I think most of what we think we are perceiving is mostly things that get dredged up from our own mysterious deep subconcious.

As for the different levels one can experience I wouldn't take it to seriously.

There is much more treasures just reading what Jesus has to say in the Bible.

Be Blessed

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