Salvia Trip

journey down the driveway


Posted by Anonymous on 14/02/2008
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Dosage:several big hits
Method of Ingestion:smoke in rocket

So i toked it up in a house and began to fall into a world of perplex visuals and really slurred talking i was out there trying to explain to my freind what world i was going into but soon after i got tired of this cause he didnt seem to care by the way hes not good to be on salvia with he is vary ignoreing so anyways i fwelt i had to go on a journey so i got on my bicycle and rode down my grandpas steep and long curvy bumby drive way which was very intesns but all my visuals had went away because i think that my mind was overwhemled with the information on the drive way speeding past me but when i started to go down the road my visuals came back and everything was wavy and i lost my initiative to travel anymore but i had had a great time i kept thinkking about all the people in the cars not knowing what state of mind i was in


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