Salvia Trip

Journeying with Gregorian Chanting and the Virgin Mary.


Posted by divinorum_dude on 12/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

I love Gregorian chanting, and so decided to play it in the background while journeying. I was using the Pater Noster (the "Our Father" in Latin).

I took the hit, and suddenly I was pulled into a vortex of whirling energy, like a tunnel of light. I could hear the Latin chanting, and it was beautiful, although I could not see my surroundings - only the inside of the tunnel of light. I felt that I could actually understand the Latin and what it was saying, even though I don't speak Latin!

The beautiful chanting propelled me through the tunnel. The singing became a "thing" which took definite form, and penetrated deep into my being. It finally carried me through to the end of the tunnel after permeating my spirit with Divine sound current.

As I emerged, I could begin seeing my apartment, while the Gregorian chanting continued to pour through me. Then, before me I started to see a body forming. The form of the Virgin Mary began forming in front of me, taking definite shape. I could make out all parts of her face, her hair, her cloak - everything. I felt no fear at all. I felt complete love and peace. I looked at her while she stood before me. I marveled at the sight of her, and gradually she began to fade away, and I began grounding with this earth.

This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, and definitely one of the best salvia journeys I've ever had.


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