Salvia Trip



Posted by Anonymous on 01/04/2009
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Type/Strength:20 x
Method of Ingestion:Pipe

Alrighty. So now I know what they mean when they say the third times a charm. My friends and I have been curious about Salvia for a long time so we finally picked up a bottle of 20x. The first time we lit up, we didnt know what we were doing so the trip wasn't that big. Still, it was a lot of fun and laughter.
The next day, I found we still had a little Salvia left so I decided to call my friend, that way we can be eachothers sitters. We went out in the woods to smoke it because we heard it made the trip even better. So we went for it.
A couple seconds after I hit the pipe, I felt reality slowly slip away.
My main focus seemed to be solely revolving around these BIG graffiti-like block letters that were right there in front of me. The colors were so wild and crazy, they obviously didnt belong out in the woods.They seemed to spell out "JUNGLE." Hmmmm... I wonder why... But the letters were big. So big, that they stood level with a small abandoned building we smoked next to. I was so confused about why they were there but they were so interesting that I couldnt keep my mind off of them. When my sitter started to intervene, he appeared to be an elephant that wouldn't go away. With no body attached to him, he just kept floating in front of my face with a smile on. That is when I noticed his hair was incredibly amazing. He had the curliest hair I've ever seen and there was this one single curl that dangled in front of his face that made me so happy. Slowly, his face melted in with the letters and the other surrounding letters began to turn into other animals such as giraffes. They kept just staring at me and I was back to being confused. I then thought that my whole family, friends, and even class, was there watching me trip out.
Later on, my sitter told me that I asked him what was on his head, (his curly hair), and said that I had a look of amazement on my face.
And he also told me that I was shouting, "the people are falling off of that!" and I have no clue why.


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