Salvia Trip

Just alot of fun :)


Posted by Anonymous on 23/07/2009
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Type/Strength:Plain Leaf
Method of Ingestion:Joint Form (read before you hate)

I decided that I was through with the illegal stuff because it was getting to hot where I live, so I got some Salvia and decided to start experimenting.
Most people say that this is not a social drug, which is true in its higher doses however at the low dose which I have been using I have found it to be a fun way to relax with my girlfriend.
Usually at night we go out for a walk and find a quiet place to smoke our Salvia joint (I find this the best way to take these light effects around without carrying too much paraphernalia). After waiting a few minutes for the heavy feelings to wear off then we go for a stroll.
The effects are not strong like when its smoked from a bong, its more like a feeling of euphoria. Its great! We laugh and walk around on the local walking trail in a completely pleasant mood (as long as there aren't to many people around).
Things just seem a little better and lights of passing cars have longer tracers than they usually do in the night (No we're not playing in traffic). Sometimes we just sit around and laugh. It isn't a strong effect but when compared to the dangers that have been associated with pot possession lately in my area I won't be going back to weed any time soon, especially considering how much fun one can have with just the slight effects of this wonderful plant.
In closing these light effects are not talked about nearly enough. At low doses Salvia shines in much the same way as Mary Jane. While I enjoy going a few levels higher (usually while meditating on Chinese Philosophy) it is still very fun to just have a taste and enjoy time with a friend or two while getting just a bit high. :) Peace


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Posted by Cuthbert on 07/25/2009
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There is nothing that says you have got to be off your box to enjoy yourself with salvia.
I agree, the lighter effects from the leaf can be very nice indeed.


Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/27/2009
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YES! You have hit on one of the best kept salvia secrets - the joy of smoking the lower dose - or raw foliage.

Were you smoking the raw (unfortified) foliage?

Check out my post called "Funny Salvia Tripping!" It's about - to a large extent - smoking the raw leaf.

I get a good giggly, happy feeling with the raw leaf. I get slight perception shifts, and feel energy. Everything else you said hit the nail on the head.

With a "salvia joint," do you find that you still get a good experience from it? The reason I ask is because generally they say you have to have a high temperature to release the salvinorin-A, and I'm wondering if a burning cigarette would provide enough heat to release the active ingredient.

Take care. Great post!


Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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I agree 100%! Most of my salvia experiences are with regular leaf and a torch lighter with a bong. You can get a real trip that way, but without blacking out in between worlds. It's more like easing into a hot-tub rather than jumping off a cliff into the ocean haha


Posted by JioFreedx on 11/14/2011
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I don't think i'll try salvia but... I really like your story i would enjoy doing something like this with my girlfriend :)...

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