Salvia Trip

kitty farm


Posted by Anonymous on 02/10/2009
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Method of Ingestion:waterpipe and lighter

(The first time I smoked (reported here under the title 'beautiful' ) it was intense.
The second time I smoked, I only had a regular lighter, so I think it wasn't as strong. But I went sideways, into a plasticine world. I was on a farm, and it was straight out of a Nick Park film. Everything was vibrantly coloured and well, made of plasticine. And small. But my cat had been laying in front of me when I smoked, and he was smack dab in the middle of all this plasticine world, laying right in the middle of the field, as real as he ever was. Picture a regular gray cat, dozing, kind of embedded in a plasticine field, with little pigs and cows wandering around the perimeter of this giant gray 'real' cat. I giggled over that fact, and muttered, 'they even got the cat in here'. It was fun, and the difference this time was that I was aware of my existence the whole time, not like the other where I became someone else! This time only lasted about 1 minute.


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