Salvia Trip

Lady Salvia?


Posted by salvzerwowzers on 31/10/2010
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Method of Ingestion:small water pipe

I hit the salvia in a chair in my backyard. My body got really heavy and i started hearing my shoulder yelling repeatedly ding dong ding dong. I felt myself being pulled away, but my dogs came out and kept me in this reality and I swear I could feel a female presence say to the dogs, "Hold on, he'll play with you in a second, he's really high right now" lol.

Ps. Acutely aware of my animal side/ skeletal structure


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Posted by grimjim on 11/18/2010
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Dogs know you know. My dog, looks at me when I light up, as if to say, "Uh Oh, he's doing it again". I wonder if she really was there, that they could sense her explaining to them?

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