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Left Angles


Posted by Anonymous on 06/04/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoke-Bowl

This was my first time smoking salvia. I had heard from friends and my roommates that it was a fun, marijuana, like trip and it was basically the best "legal" bang for my buck.
I took a hit from a bowl and the first minute I felt nothing. I walked out of the bathroom (where we were smoking it) to the hallway in my dorm. Suddenly I felt as if I was on a different plane, and then I was in no world/plane at all, that I was instead- for lack of better terms- an "observer". I "observed" the following visions and perceived realities through a "3rd Person", that I was not tripping but instead someone else was and that I, instead, was merely watching these things like a TV with no interaction what so ever.
The following is what I observed through this TV like perception- all forms of "me, myself, I, etc" will be in quotes because I did not perceive these as my own actions, but rather someone elses in this alternative reality.
"I" felt my body "peel" into left angles, these angles were first created by a line coming out of my body-originating from my brain- out of my side and onto the wall next to "me". These lines changed color like a rainbow but turned into smiling people with their arms raised making left angles. These angles were forming at a very rapid pace and were making "my" body spin. I thought to myself- ' it must suck for this person ("me") to have this trip '. Moments after further seeing "myself" experience these right angles I realized that "me" was infact me. I tried to gain focus and "ground" myself in reality of the situation. I visualized myself running into the common area on my hall, where my friends were, asking them how long the trip lasted, all the while left angles and smiling left angled people coming out of my body. Colors began changing like a rainbow all around me as i felt dizzier and dizzier, finally finding myself back infront of my bathroom on the hallway, i calmed myself and opened my roommates door and asked him to come sit with me (him not having taken any hits of salvia). He seemed confused and commented on my clamy, wide-eyed, and pale state. At this point i was freaking out and needed reassurance. As a lay in my bed with my roommate looking at me with a scared look on his face, the dizziness and left angles and people faded into my bedsheets and i turned on my little fan next to my bed. The hum of the fan and repitition of its noise made my body "vibrate" accordingly to its hum and noise. The jolting noise of the blades made my body spin and my head feel light. After about a minute of my body "vibrating" to the fan i turned it on, and told my roommate to call my girlfriend to come over (still being scared). I then said i would take a shower because i was feeling hot and needed to settle my senses.
I felt out of place and confused walking the few steps from my room to the shower, thinking to myself that I was "normal" and in reality but the world around me wasn't. I felt confused and didn't recognize things as my own; like towels and shoes. My body, like a robot of sorts, automatically selected which shoes and with towel to take, how long to shower, how long to dry off etc. I was simply watching myself do it. This wasn't the TV like effect i experienced earlier. This time i felt as if i was in reality but the world around me wasn't.
When i finally finished taking a shower, drying off etc i came back to my room and waiting with my roommate for my girlfriend to show up. I was still feeling out of place in my room, light headed, and pretty scared. We decided after a couple of minutes to go outside for a cig and to get some fresh air, and to drink some water. After this point i felt out of place, as if i was in a dream now and i would soon wake up. I kept wondering if this would be how i perceived the world for the rest of my life- dazed, a little confused, and in a dream-state. After a couple of cigs i felt calmer but still shook up.
Later i would find out that untill i knocked on my roommates door and he came into my room and sat with me that i had been standing perfectly still, straight, and wide eyed infront of my bathroom, and talking about something--my other roommates couldn't remember what. I had not moved into other rooms or down the hall, but had remained wide eyed and stared into outerspace.
This was the most i could recall/formulate into words.


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