Salvia Trip

Lessons from Mr Mackey


Posted by Anonymous on 18/11/2007
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Type/Strength:Homegrown leaf
Dosage:one toke .1g?
Method of Ingestion:bong's-Wee-Wee.html

This is the south park episode where Ike's has his coming to life festival, gets shipped off on a train to nebraska, Mr. Mackey gets fired for passing out mari juana, and eventually takes acid at around 10:30 into the episode, his head proceeds to fill up like a balloon and floats around town... 'hey kids, are you stayin outta trouble umm kay'... 'im just gonna go ovewr here then'

So this is how it goes, sat down before bed after reading some carlos casteneda art of dreaming, took my rip and floated away... into my nieghbors house!!! 'hey...' *where am I* '... you're on salvia.... hey mom this kids on salvia! *non im not! ugh beee oneee withhh thhh wallll be onnneee with the wallll please dont notice....* ....oh, what your growing it or something??" *noooo* 'YEA YOU ^signal fades off somewhere else^.

Divination, damn i wish i at least had a question to ask or a point to ponder before wondering into someone elses dreamscape.
So after realizing i might be talking to my hole street or even country i decided blasting Clapton's cocaine was the apropriate course of action. duu duu duu duu COCAIN! *guitar solo......... oh and for the cocaine the reason that crossed my mind is something about the 'Blow' sound track 'blinded by the light' came streaming in.

As the trip faded out the extremely clear comintary of my neighbors on my trip started speeding up into what sounded like a strange recording *i assume my mind was taking control over again or the half that wasnt working started working* and wham! trip over

Level one cause i assume it couldn't have been anything else.


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