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Level 3 Trip with Plain Leaf?


Posted by Anonymous on 12/11/2007
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Type/Strength:Plain dried leaves
Dosage:Enough for one large hit
Method of Ingestion:Smoked through a small water pipe

Has anyone else experienced Level 3 with just plain leaves? I took one big hit with crushed dried leaves with a water pipe. I was honestly only expecting to be a little giddy but after holding my breath for about 15 seconds, I felt the flooding sensation. (you know, the one the starts in the back of your neck and seems to wash over the rest of your head.) I was so surprised by this because it felt the same as taking a 10x-20x extract.

As far as the trip, when I had my eyes closed, I could see a 2-D image of a white background with what looked like blue stitched quarter-circles all over it (a kaleidoscope effect). I could see the image but I also felt like I was one of the stitched quarter-circles. It also altered the words of the song that was softly playing. The singer was clearly saying "He's gone, he's gone," but I know those are not the words in the song. If I focused in on the song I can bring it back to its original state, but when I was distracted by the picture, the words would alter again.

Also, does anyone else sweat when tripping on salvia? I do.


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Posted by James Arthur on 12/07/2008
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I'm afraid I'm an extreme softhead with salvia--total break with consensual reality on plain leaf (one or two pipes) or 5X. -- anything else would be too strong--intensity without direction. There are many subtleties that can easily be bypassed.
It amazes me that people will start out with 15X or 20X, without even trying plain leaf. They evidently see salvia in a quantitative, rather than qualitative context--sort of like seeing how loud one can play the cello, rather than learning notes and scales.


Posted by Synchronium on 12/07/2008
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Impatience, perhaps?

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