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Level 5 & 6 with blackout 1st time I have ?\'s


Posted by mikesardy on 10/12/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smokeing

Hello all,
I am going to take the time to try and explain my first salvia experience the best I can. This was the strangest thing to ever happen to me in my life. I would like to hear every ones thoughts on my experience it does not matter if you have tried salvia or not. I want to hear why you think this happened, what makes it happen, what it could mean, any possible thing you can think of.
It was around 12:00am and 4 friends and I started to smoke salvia 40x. I hit the glass bowl 3 diff. times in about 15min. The first time I hit it I felt a haze come over me but no other feeling just a little hazy. After about 3mins I took the second hit. Then I walk to my kitchen and got a drink and walked back to my seat. Once I sat down I started to feel so detached from everything. I knew I was sitting in a room full of people but I felt as if I was invisible or looking in through a window. As I looked around the room I felt almost like I wasn’t the same as my friends, like I wasn’t from the same place. I didn’t know how to act I didn’t understand how things worked it was like I was seeing everything for the first time. I didn’t know the basics of human life this is some of the things I was thinking about should I say something, when to sleep, how do I act, what is my personality like, what am I doing here. This is very hard to explain. But after about 5mins I started to understand what was going on and who I was again. Then about 5mins later I took the last hit. After I hand the bowl off I closed my eyes and started to take deep breaths. I can only remember taking three deep breaths. The next things I know I am standing up 2 feet in front of my seat and one of my friends is standing in front of me tell me I need to sit down. It felt as if I had just appeared in front of him out of nowhere. I didn’t know what was happening I didn’t understand how I had just got there. I asked many times, what just happened, how did I get here so fast, what’s going on, why are we all here, I was sitting back down but didn’t know how I had got in to this room with my friends. It was like being asleep in your bed and just appearing in a room standing in front of a group friends out of nowhere. I sat back down but, still didn’t understand the things around me I felt like I was in a brand new place for the first time and didn’t know anything. Within about 1min things came back to me I would explain it like being a new born baby and over that minute of time learning everything over that I know. Things came back to me one at a time instead of all at one time. After that minute of time or so I was back to normal and I knew what happened. I knew I had just tried salvia and that was the reason for all that had happened. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thank you


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