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Posted by Anonymous on 22/02/2010
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Type/Strength:60X blueberry flavour
Method of Ingestion:bong

The first time I took salvia I was simply tripping balls, i was experiencing some of the things described in other posts on this website like seeing my friends in 2D and everything being squashed together. I also remember looking to my left, where my best friend was lying on the bed after taking a hit of the bong as well, and then looking to my right, where it seemed like i was looking on "the other side of the page", like my left and right side were completely separated by an invisible line. I took several hits this time, the first hit that i took i couldnt finish the sentence i was telling my friend while i was blowing out the smoke, and after this i took a couple more hits which didnt really seem to intensify the trip.

Two nights after this I was rather disappointed, as i read up online that you can experience some crazy stuff, so i took a hit on my own in my room from the bong. I took a rather large hit and held the smoke as long as possible, as i blew out my trip began. It started rather similar to the first time, my body felt weird (my spine was tinkling like crazy, not in a comfortable sense) and everything seemed unreal. I was lying on bed and all of the sudden (this is all within 10 seconds after blowing out the smoke) I get pulled to another "reality". I will try and explain this the best i can, but it's really intense and I can definitely not describe the intensity of the feelings i had. From the looks of it it seemed like a huge carpet of cloth of some sort that was made up of all kinds of colors and the edges of the infinitely large shape were like colored spikes that were moving around. I looked at this for a while thinking: "what the hell..!", but then i realized the material was moving away from me, this was the moment where i started freaking out. It felt like the material was everything, life in a sense. This was very impressive to me, as it looked amazingly pretty etc, but the scary part was that it was moving away. At one point the edge got closer and closer to where i was situated, i tried to stop it from moving by holding on with my hands, and it felt rough - i couldnt do anything to stop it from moving! I was so scared when the edge started to move away i thought it was the end, thinking to myself: "how can it be that simple?" and "it is all preditermined". At this final stage of my trip i was holding on (with my hands) with all the force i had, but i couldnt stop it moving. I could feel the rough, colored, "living" material slipping away from my hands (thinking this was the end), and then all of the sudden i returned to my room, holding on to my clothing drawer with my hands, panicking. Straight away I took a shower,and I just had to get back to how everything normally is - so i smoked a joint which helped me get back to something i recognize, something trusted and familiar. I should also note that i was tripping like crazy on the music. I remember clearly that bob marley was in the background with the tune: "get up, stand up". This song has a whole new meaning to me, but i wont go in too much detail on that.

Anyways, all in all i wouldnt say i had a bad trip, simply because i saw something amazing that i still try to understand. I'm sure ill try it again, but in lower dosis next time.


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Posted by Taus on 02/24/2010
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It's funny you mentioned the Marley song having new meaning. I felt the same way with my Tea Party song. Hmm, wonder if the experience in some way creates a connection to the song? Each word has an imprint of the thoughts you felt, and as such you see the whole song as you see life now, different.

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