Salvia Trip

Little Elephant Guy


Posted by I_LOVE_SALLY_D on 10/06/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked, glass pipe

Well this is my first post, but about my 3rd experience with salvia. This is also the first time I had the full experience, and the whole thing really clicked. So I put a healthy pinch of the extract in my pipe, and lit it with my little butane lighter. It took me about 3 solid drags to get it all into my system. Then I turned out the lights and lay down on the floor, also I put in some ear plugs. It hit me pretty quick, that heavy warm feeling that felt like I was being pulled down. Then grainy colors of red, yellow, green, and blue started to coalesce. Then the colors started to become vague shapes, and it seemed like shadowy figures were standing over me. Then all of the sudden I was watching a seen in a forest, there were 4 trees with a little colored door in each one. One door was open and a little blue elephant like creature on two legs was trying to force a giant head through it. Then my phantom self in the forest seemed to lay back and I was staring at a blue sky and coming out of my chest area, even though I couldn't see myself, was a long wooden pole. Maybe it was an old dead tree trunk. Then for some reason there were maggots crawling all over it. This whole time I vaguely noticed myself in my room quietly giggling. Then I realized my eyes had been open for awhile, even while the visions were going on. Then I was staring at my ceiling with that all sweaty and and everything had that weird alien quality to it. That was about it, besides the after glow that lasted for awhile. After this experience I've had other ones just as powerful, but this one was the most coherent.


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Posted by MirandaLee on 06/11/2009
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you had this whole experience with your eyes closed?


Posted by I_LOVE_SALLY_D on 06/13/2009
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No, most of it though. I had my eyes open for awhile without noticing because I was still so deep in the vision

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