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Posted by Shrewt on 25/04/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

I bought a 1/2 gram of salvia from a friend just to try it. Me and two other friends decided to all try it together after school in the canyon. We each brought a pipe. We filled two pipes with salvia and one with weed. I wasn't sure how much salvia to use so i just put some lactuca in the pipe and sprinkled the salvia on, putting more on after every couple hits. I took the first hit, after holding about 30 seconds i felt slightly stoned so i sprinkled on more salvia and took a bigger hit. Almost immediatly my vision zoomed in and colors appeared to be more full. I tried to stand up but the ground looked tilted so i was thrown off balance. After a couple more hits the trees in front of me archex to form a cave, I wanted to go into the cav but I thought that I would get in trouble. My feet started to slide around like they were on ice and i couldn't stop laughing. Over all very enjoyable and i do plan to do it agian but this time a much higher dose. And as a side note i forgot my contacts that day but for about an hour after i smoked my vision was as good as if i was wearing them. Anyone else have an incident similar?


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Posted by Shrewt on 04/25/2010
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I forgot to mention, my friends all had similar effects. And bty does anyone know how to tell 10x from 20x salvia thnx


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 04/28/2010
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The strength of extract can be a difficult thing to pinpoint as to how do you know if plain leaf or 20x can produce. There are many variables to each experience. It is actually possible to vary amounts and strength to achieve a desired result.

I can use a small pinch of any x to just relieve pain or I can load up and just lay back and let it go and accept the experience. Bear in mind that salvia can and will from time to time completely bring a very deep and disturbing experience, and therefore must be respected.

Being with people presents distractions. It is recommended to have a sitter, but I find my best results come alone.

I use salvia casually rolled in joints with other herbs and smoke in public just to see what will happen. This is not for the faint of heart since you cannot control a thing that may present itself to you.

Most of the time I wait until I sense a need to focus on a spiritual level and do it alone in the dark laying on my bed. The common things happen that most people say they experience, but then there is the mystery journeys also. For me I get the most benefit when I just let go of fear and submit to the trip in the dark.

Just remember this: once you keep on searching with salvia you can never go back. You will be changed in some way which is not reversible.

Guard your heart and tread softly with salvia.


Posted by Shrewt on 05/01/2010
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Thanks for the input. You always have very distinct and informative posts and comments. I have started a diary which I will fill with documentations of all my phycodelic experiences for informational and spiritual gain. I intend to see this to the end.
And smoking salvia joints in public, that's pretty ballsy


Posted by grimjim on 08/26/2010
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I think in the early days of trying Salvia you actually *need* some of the so called distractions to try and keep you grounded with reality, either as a sitter, or music, or daylight. I think its only once you've got used to the main feelings that come on and the stages you go through that you are ready for deeper trips, alone or in the dark.

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