Salvia Trip

March of the Teletubbies


Posted by Chrishna58 on 12/07/2008
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Type/Strength:10x extract
Dosage:Approximately 1/5 gm
Method of Ingestion:One hit from a small water pipe

This is an account of my very first experience with salvia divinorum.

As many others have reported, the effects began dramatically upon exhaling after holding the smoke in for 15-20 seconds. The folds of the material I was sitting on began to glow and flow away from me, continuing off into some vanishing point. Pulled, stretched, or just flowing - I’m not sure which, but with the movement came a stretching musical note that turned into something that sounded like a jingle from a children’s TV show. It felt as if I had been singing the jingle all along and just incorporated it into this dream. My front teeth felt like they also were being pulled with the flow.

That was the extent of the visual experience which was nothing compared to what came next.

Somehow I “knew” at a deeper level that the lines flowing away from me were actually a community of beings that I can only describe as a cross between teletubbies and Floop’s fooglies (from the movie Spy Kids). They were all gathering to what I sensed was a huge tree. As they gathered they were accompanied by the jingle. The other day I was listening to that Beatles song “I am the Walrus” when I heard a part that reminded me of the feeling that I got from the salvia music. The part where a chorus of voices chants "ho ho ho hee hee hee ha ha ha".

Pretty creepy, actually. This was not a light, merry experience. The cartoon-like entities seemed to be chastizing me - as if I was supposed to be going with them but wasn’t being responsible enough to get with the program. I could feel a pulling sensation against my teeth in the direction of the beings. And then I noticed that the song was coming from my mouth. Not that I was singing, but the song, the pulling, and the gathering event were all one and the same thing.

The significant part of this is that, like a dream where you accept the absurd as reality without question or without even noticing how absurd it is, this experience became a new and accepted reality. There was no question in my mind that it was real, and no memory of what “reality” was prior to the start of the experience. That is the one fundamental difference between the effects of Salvia and that of other hallucinogens.

After a few minutes the effects began to wear off and I became more aware of my surroundings. Or rather, I began to interpret my surroundings in the “normal” way. With that came a few moments of disbelief as I started to remember who I was, where I was, and what I was doing.


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