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Massive eye


Posted by Devon on 23/06/2011
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Type/Strength:15x Extract
Method of Ingestion:Glass bong

Well, this was my first time with salvia, so I sat down and held the flam at the leaf as I took down two large hits and held them in for as long as I could. About 40 seconds into holding in the second hit, I started to feel dizzy. "This is cool" I thought, then I kinda just let it take me.

So I was lying on my back looking up at a tree, and the leaves start to swirl into a circle, moving around and spinning, obviously just my vision acting up, right? But then it just got better, a giant eye appeared in the sky (I don't remember how it got there, I just remember it being there) looking down on me..

I thought this was all rather odd, but then I saw a massive mouth to go with this massive eye, it was smiling at me.. Again.. Odd..

I tried to tell my sitters what was happening, but apparentlly 'massive eye' isn't very helpful. People then apperared to walk on this eye.. Horizontally..

God it's hard to explain, but my mind was fuc*ing with me, and I loved it.

The only downside to it would be towards the very end where I thought an 'evil man' from a door that magically appeared in the eye was coming.. But I wouldn't change a thing.

Quick question though, I currentlly have 60x extract sitting next to me which I intend to smoke in a joint with some friends.. Is this too strong? Thanks..


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Posted by Dreamer on 06/24/2011
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60x mixed with some MJ is going to be insane I think. The strongest I've tried was 40x from a bong about a year ago. I haven't touched that territory again because it was very intense. Good luck and let us know what happened...

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