Salvia Trip

Mellow beginnings...


Posted by Anonymous on 19/05/2009
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Type/Strength:Organic Salvia Divinorum leaf.
Method of Ingestion:oral (chewed)

My ounce of Salvia arrived in the mail today. I had planned on trying it for a few weeks, & wolfed my dinner down while the first quid soaked. Afterward, I brushed my teeth & gums thouroughly, also scrubbing my cheeks & under the tongue. I used cool mint listerine. I put the television on in case I would find it interesting later, & went outside to chew.

The first quid had too much water, & quickly fell apart. I had to put real effort toward chewing it. After 15 minutes I swallowed it & felt a strong "pins & needles" sensation before I started on the second. I added about half a shot of whiskey to aid the absorbtion, & set a timer for half an hour. Pictures of family hanging on walls & resting on tables seemed to smile broader as my eyes fell across them, & there were hints of movement among them, like something out of Harry Potter.

After about 5 minutes of chewing the second quid, my thoughts strayed from the taste itself to my surroundings. I felt the "salvia gravity" effect, & was compelled to stand up & move. I had the distinct feeling of a person hovering nearby, just within arm's reach. I walked inside for a bit & sat down, turning the television off to enjoy the silence. One of our dogs walked up to me & began licking my hand. It felt very odd. I returned outside & sat under the tree that's growing there. I leaned back in my chair & closed my eyes, some minor visuals playing on the backs of my eyelids as I basked in the sunlight. I could hear birds chirping & I imagined they were having a small arguement. I laughed at them for a while for arguing over nothing, then went back in. I sat down before the chimney, looking out at the living room I grew up in. The carpet seemed to be alive. I could clearly see a many-eyed face in the pattern of the rug. To my left was a gray clay statue of a baboon my grandmother had made, about 2 feet tall, a piece of art I've known as long as I can remember. I put an arm around it as if to give it a hug, then we looked back to the carpet, willing to talk. It seemed to want me to go somewhere. At this point I was in a great mood, my body feeling heavy & the air feeling liquid. Then the timer I'd set earlier went off, as I realized I still was chewing the second quid. I swallowed it, easier than the first one. I turned the timer off, & let the carpet point me in whatever direction it might.
I still had the feeling of being followed by something just out of eyesight- unlike similar sensations from LSD, this force seemed completely benign & friendly, like a family member you knew while young that's been away for years.

I went into a guest bedroom that's been converted into an office. I stepped into the storage closet that was there; the light not having worked for some time. I pulled the door closed behind me. I was in near-total darkness. I stood in the narrow space, not feeling crowded in the least, some small visuals & tricks of the light entertaining me. Then, after a few moments, something seemed to arrive. I could see it's profile, the impression of eyes, a small mouth, high cheekbones. It was tall, and the only clear shape I could make out was that of it's head. It was clearly an individual, and clearly not human. It stood there considering me. I thought this was pretty funny- me seeing a non-human that's semi-visible while in the guest bedroom's closet. So I began to laugh. It stood there like it just didn't know what to do with me! It turned it's head this way & that before looking out, as if trying to spot something in the distance. I wasn't frightened at all. It seemed totally neutral toward me. I didn't see any change in the way it looked, but it felt like it shrugged before it left me alone in the dark. I opened the door to the closet, & though the door was shaped rectangularly, the light that was cast on the wall was circular. I ran my hand along the path the light took to be sure- it was a circle!

After this, the effects began to subside.
I checked the time; over an hour had passed since I had finished the second quid. I went and chewed a third, dry, but had no other grand revelations or visitations. My body continued to feel heavy while my head felt light, with a few other visual distortions, for about another 45 minutes. The end. :)


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