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Posted by Anonymous on 13/02/2010
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Type/Strength:60x tincture enhanced leaf
Method of Ingestion:smoking

Second time with this dosage, I knew I would try it again. Laid down in bed this time and held tightly to a protective (smoky quartz) crystal point that lay in my hands against my chest. After completely smoking bowl and holding the smoke for a long time I lay back, closed my eyes and exhaled. My first sensation was the metallic taste that permeated my mouth and then the wheel started spinning. This time though, it appeared that the dream-state / in-between parallelity space was more fluid, instead of jerking and repeating, and it felt more whole, like a giant three-dimensional saucer / wheel with my consciousness as the center and the inter-dynamics of modulated parallels making revolutions around me. I felt as though I should have kept my eyes shut, but I opened them briefly only to see frame like cells (like photographic film) of the room, dancing in a parody of this revolving wheel.

By far the most intense physical sensation came from my hands, the smoky quartz point I was holding felt as though it was being ripped from my hands, and it had gone ice cold, so cold it hurt my palms. I flexed them, squeezing hard and mistook the clutched crystal in my right hand for my fist, how odd it felt as if it had completely merged into my hand. I flex the other hand and it felt like it was no longer there.

With my eyes close I felt some of the fear I'd felt in my first trip creeping in and had flitting thoughts of wanting to throw away the remaining salvia I still had left, as soon as the effects passed, then i let the fear go and allowed the wheel to continue to spin, with myself along with it.

I reaffirmed love for the people close to me and the fear subsided and I found myself repeating, like a astral echo the phrase "mure ripticos" over and over. I have no idea what it means or where it came from. The spelling is purely a guess, and is only phonetic, from memory. It seems like a Latin based root language. Maybe someone out there can break it down.

I came out of the state, the whirling calming fairly quickly and went to write down the word I'd been repeating and type this blog. Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated.


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Posted by improvisation on 02/18/2010
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perhaps mure repticos .. was the salvia telling you to let go of all alcoholic beverage. Not meant as a joke.


Posted by improvisation on 02/18/2010
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mure is an archaic term meaning "immure" which means the following things:
tr.v. im·mured, im·mur·ing, im·mures
1. To confine within or as if within walls; imprison.
2. To build into a wall: immure a shrine.
3. To entomb in a wall.

Repticos possibly implies lizard or reptile. The part of the brain that takes control when you drink too much is called "the lizard brain" in that it has a sort of mind of its own.

So my hunch would be that the salvia is saying .. build a wall around the lizard.

Hope that helps


Posted by kwinger on 02/18/2010
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Thanks for your thoughts, I also found the referance immure to be accurate. I also thought that phonetically it was very close to the Latin root for death. I too thought that the later part was a reptile referance but reffered to sexual compulsion rather than alcohol, sexuality or serpent energy is a base chakra energy associated with sexual desire and drive. Though for interpretation, it is true that this chalenge for me in my life has been an impediment or barrier at times to finding deeper meaning in my relationships. It is getting easier to understand and mediate as I get older.

I am thankful for the voices from the shamanic otherland.

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