Salvia Trip



Posted by Strangergirl on 08/02/2010
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Method of Ingestion:pipe

Oh, wow.
So, I was already tripping out on other stuff when I tried it again. This had to be my second or third time smoking Sally with my one "homeboy."

We were sitting in front of a park... by the entrance of the community pool. I took a hit or two and sat down (or, more of, was forced down.) I could hear the guys talking around me and saying, "Oh, look at her!" and the usual... but, I was incredibly focused on the mice on my feet.

I've never been afraid of mice, but they've never entertained me so. They were... jumping from one foot from the other, as if on a carnival ride. Up and down and up and down...
there were colors... and my feet felt like they were trying to keep up with the mice or something.
And, I heard the music. I'm not too fond of carnival music. It's kinda scary... I think I heard it because I might have been thinking about playing Super Mario (the one when he goes into the castle.) When he finally goes to the basement and goes to that secret "ghost world," there's a part with carnival music.
I've never been able to beat that part...


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