Salvia Trip

Mild but freaky trip


Posted by Anonymous on 07/02/2011
Avg Rating: Unrated

Type/Strength:Salvia and weed mix
Method of Ingestion:bowl

Last night me and my friends got together to smoke salvia and weed. After the first couple hits i was feeling really nice but not really high. On my last hit, i took a really big one and it hit me all at once. I felt like i was being pulled and pushed and that I was going to fall. the tiled floor looked blotchy and like it was moving really fast. I thought that it was a river and started to panic yelling "omg dont fall in the river, be careful." I also started to slide up and down in my seat because I thought the the force of the "river" was causing me to fall. It lasted about a couple minutes (i think). After that I just felt weird, out of it, and not quite right. For my first time it was a great trip.


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