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Mirror Land


Posted by Anonymous on 23/06/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

so we were down the shore in a house full of seniors and we all split a bag of the finest salvia extract you can get on the boardwalk. 300fx straight extract. it looked like a powder almost and it was black.
i ripped the bong in a bathroom full of people. it was literally the biggest hit of my life and i held it in as long as i could. I was completely out of my body before i even blew out the hit and dont remember anything after this for at least 30 seconds. my mind was in a 2 dimensional world. nothing existed to me and i felt completely paralyzed. from what people told me i was concious and standing there looking around. right infront of me was a big mirror and they said that i looked at myself and pointed and asked them if that was really me with a serious face. they all laughed after i said that and i heard them laugh but i didnt know why they did or where it even came from. i couldnt respond to them and i never heard my voice before they laughed. they said after that i ran out of the room and down the hallway into the living room. once i got into the living room i snapped back into my senses. at first i had no clue where i was at or that i even existed. i could see all my friends and they looked familiar but it seemed like a dream and that nothing really existed. i was completely confused and had a million things running through my head. i was terrified feeling like the trip would last forever.
At this point this was about a minute after the bong rip. I walked back into the bathroom where they were still smoking. the first thing that caught my eye was the mirror. i couldnt get my eyes off of it and i felt like i was a different person looking at me and doubles of all of my friends. the mirror looked like it had space and volume to it and that i could walk into it. eventually the feeling of space and reality finally came back to me and i got a hot flash and started dripping sweat. even a day later i still cannot understand the extremeness of what i experienced or what even happened or where my body went. my mind was completely out of my skull and i was a single dot looking at a flat 2 dimensional world.
next time you smoke salvia be sure to look into a nice mirror in a well lighted room and be sucked into a completely different mirror world!!


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Posted by Sunshine 45 on 11/14/2011
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Wish it had an ending, pretty good though, and where can i get 300fx?

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