Salvia Trip

Moonlight UNReality


Posted by grimjim on 22/08/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Small pipe+hurricane lighter

My personal life doesn't give me the privacy/secrecy I need to try higher doses. Concerned 20x would make a fool of me in the house. So once again I'm walking the dog in the fields behind our house.

Its night-time. I want to try 20x, but very carefully. I prepare my pipe, which is difficult in the dark to guage the amount of extract. I want to take just the tiniest amount (=5x or 10x), as I'm still concerned about *going crazy* being a Sally virgin. I decide to put Ben on his lead, then take the hit, and hold him close, as my sitter, my keeper of
reality, LOL. I feel the effect coming on, but its weak. I've not taken enough.

Just as well because I don't actually
feel very relaxed near these dark trees. I hear something running through the cornfields, and in the moonlight realise its only a deer.

Not comfortable being right here. I walk back towards home to a more open area, lit by the bright moon. I put my earphones in and play some music which relaxes me more.

Still standing up, and looking overhead at the wonderful starry night, I think to myself, Well have you come here to do this, or not?

I fill the pipe with a better dose, and take it. Soon I start to feel that strange edgy feeling coming on. So incredibly aware. Ben is off doing his own doggy explorings, but I have his lead in my hand, the cord passing over my palm, weighted down by the reel. The weight of the cord feels like it will cut through my hand.

The ground at my feet is moving, and almost blue from the moonlight. To my left is the Moon, to my side is the path at the edge of the field leading off to the distance.

It feels like there is someone there, at some kind of a junction (what junction, there's nothing but straight path?), a female definitely, perhaps also a male.

Like they are laughing gently at me, saying something like, are you sure you should have done that? The ground seems to be at a funny angle, and I feel like I just want to lay down on the grassy pathway.

Slowly I walk, listening to the music, wondering what the heck I'm seeing. A few minutes later and I'm coming out of the high.

Back home the next day, I check the phial of 20x, and think my god thats gone down a lot, but I don't really remember taking more than a couple of pinches.


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