Salvia Trip

moving patterns


Posted by psyche on 17/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:bubbler

So i smoked a few bowls of 30x and had Stairway to Heaven playing. i felt dreamy and the music sounded nice. suddenly i saw something like a shadow come out of the speakers and dissapear. i felt that whatever it was came not exactly from the speakers, but from the music itself. i then contemplated the existance of music, it wasnt just a sound percieved as an idea, but a thing. then there was a moment where i felt like my perception just flipped and it was as if i sensed myself outside of myself. i felt like a guardian was watching me, but then it dissapeared and at that moment i noticed the texture of my wooden walls shifting and these two lines moved down and combined and morphed into a reddish bird which quickly dissapeared. then i just watched all the shapes and lines moving. and i noticed that a mans face and a monkeys face were there. for some reason i didnt think much of it, thinking that they had always been there but didnt notice them until i was on salvia. then i wondered if just by thinking about faces that i could make them appear on the wall, and at that exact moment, little faces began to appear. later on that night i smoked some more if my gram and my body and my room was vibrating to the rhythm of my fan.


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