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Posted by Zach on 19/03/2009
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Method of Ingestion:glass pipe

Well I just tried Salvia for the first time. I have read about it for a while and just couldn't resist the urge anymore. I bought some 10X at a local smoke shop and was ready for the night. I went to my friends house (his parents were out of town for the week) and lit it up. The first bowl was small, just enough to get a good sized hit. Also I will mention that I used a torch lighter as I hear they are best for Salvia. Anyway I let out the smoke and felt a light rush but it ended up being very marijuana like in how I perceived things. I did not have any hallucinations or anything and its started to die down in about 10 minutes so I decided to smoke again.
This time I loaded the bowl and took as big as a hit as I could and held it in till I was gasping for air. I sat in a chair then realized I was laughing hysterically. My friend's house is all tile which is dark blue with swirl patterns on them. I was staring at these patters and saw them moving and forming human shapes and trying to pull me in. It was then I realized I felt like I was being pulled by some gravitational force and couldn't move. I tried to tell my friend what was going on, but all that came out was laughter. I realized my way of communicating had become laughter. Well this went on for a few minutes before I regained control of myself (but it was still hard) and it was very similar to a pot high but a really strong one, but with its own twist.
I know it sounds intense but it wasn't completely out there, I was still aware of things and could somewhat control my thoughts. It was more like I was just on the threshold of being in a complete hallucination. The tile was definitely moving but when I managed to look away from it, I just felt very stoned. Anyway, all effects were gone within an hour and I was back to full normal.

If you have any questions, just leave some comments and I will try to answer them. I am planning on smoking it again, but this time in a bong so I can get a bigger hit without it burning like hell.

Also, I forgot to log in, so I am just reposting this logged in


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 03/19/2009
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Try some 20X.. get a ice bong and pack the bowl and hit it all..

Have some of your favorite music (instrumental is best.. no singing) playing and hold the hit to the count of 30 as you walk in the dark to your bed..

Lay down and leave your eyes open.. enjoy !!!

By the way, a quick check of a digital clock is a good way to get a feel for our fleeting glimpse of life that we are given to live in these "molds" called bodies.

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