Salvia Trip

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Posted by Anonymous on 02/04/2011
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Type/Strength:20X + 10X
Method of Ingestion:glass bowl

I had tried salvia a few times before with friends and had some trippy experiences. I never bought my own so I never had the chance to actually get a big enough hit to "break through" and start having an out of body experience. This time I had my friend with me and we were outside my house around 1AM in the darkness for whatever reason. I packed my little glass bowl with a pretty nice pinch of 20X and covered it with a layer of 10X and got in the zone.

This is where the fun starts. I took the lighter to the bowl and burned what seemed like most of it and started holding it in. I kept holding the bowl because I thought if the trip did not take me away I would torch anything left. My friend gestured to take the bowl and I didn't let him. A few seconds later I passed it to him and that is all I remember. It must have been around 20-30 seconds because this is when I started tripping balls.

The next thing I see is that I am on a bus with people on it. There was music playing and I felt a vibe as if they were dancing. I put my hands on the back of the seat in front of me and relaxed.

Then out of nowhere I am leaning forward and I could see my friend and his cell phone light shining on his face as if he was telling a ghost story. All I said was "Woah dude!" and leaned back. This put me back onto the musical dancing bus and the world was spinning. I kept looping back between the worlds and felt extreme deja vu like it was happening for forever.

I got up and ran inside and was laughing beyond control. I laid down on the carpet and felt as if the world was rotating backward into infinity. This is a sensation I always get while on salvia and I enjoy it. I can relate it to imagining the carpet is rolling up from the ground and trying to roll itself back up and it is taking you with it. Gravity always seems to change and it always feels awesome and repetitive like you keep falling.

My laughter would not stop and I was afraid how loud I was and if I would wake anybody up. So I was partly terrified and I was laughing uncontrolably and randomly. After a few more minutes I calmed down and I kept telling him about my crazy trip. Then we went back outside for his trip haha.

Salvia is a very strong drug and it is not to be messed with without extensive research and a sitter present for your safety. If you decide to try salvia always try it in the most safe environment possible.

I am on my e-reader and that took forever to type lol. And when I had my hands on the bus seat in front of me apparently in the real world it looked like I was trying to do a kamehameha and I was mumbling. That shit is funny!


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