Salvia Trip

My 1st Encounter


Posted by Virtual Enigma on 21/11/2008
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Method of Ingestion:Water Bubbler

I have heard of numerous accounts by my cousin about the effects of salvia. From the outer body experiences, to the uncontrollable laughter. Although I was scared at first from reading all the precautions online, my cousin finally came through. It was some day during the summer and I was at my house with my little brother. So my cousin came through with pretty good amount of salvia (it would be a 40 piece if it was weed>sorry I donít know the dosage. He loaded a shit load in my bubbler, and my brother came first. We video taped his trip with my cousins camera phone. He took a little hit and held it for about 15 seconds. So it was my turn. My cousin PACKED the bubbler to the top, handed me the lighter and I was on my way. Unlike most 1st timers I ripped the bowl the biggest I could and held it for as long as I possibly could. It felt like a lifetime when I finally exhaled.
As I exhaled I felt like I would black out, but then I totally flipped out. The whole world was not as it seemed. My room was suddenly entwisted and engulfed into another reality.
It was as if my whole life was laid out in front of me and there was a much bigger force at work then just our daily lives. I started mumbling stuff that I can clearly remember. I started saying things like I needed to go to work. I said this because I wanted my life to matter, if that makes any sense. My whole room was changing-shifting into multiple realities. As if it was melting in front of me.
I was told by my cousin to lie on my brotherís bed. I was not in my full trip so to say, but was flabbergasted on my experience. I felt as if I had smoked 10 blunts and couldnít move. I explained my trip to them, and it turned out they video taped me as well. It was my first time trying salvia and I think I should have taken a smaller dose, but Iíll be trying salvia again in the near future.


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