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Posted by Traveler on 24/11/2008
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

After hearing and reading a good bit about Salvia, I went to head shop and bought some along with a small water pipe. I took it home but didn't try it immediately. The following weekend I had some friends over when I brought Salvia up in conversation. We all watched some YouTube videos of people on it, and it seemed harmless enough to try. I was elected to try it first. I would also be the last.
I took a big hit and held it for about twenty seconds. When I exhaled, my head felt like a rocket that was launching, the tendrils of smoke propelling me backward, and I reclined on the sofa. Upon falling back, my consciousness ejected from my body and began traveling incredibly fast through what seemed to be a multicolored liquid, not much unlike an oilslick in the bright sun, but with a definite pattern of paisleys that were undulating in and out of each other.
I worried that I was drowning in the liquid and began to panic, but then I realized that I didn't have any lungs or corporeal form. This did not have a calming effect on me. Without a body, I didn't know what to do with my instincts to breathe or function, panicked even more.
I don't remember what happened next. I remember only black, and soon I could see colors again, but they were no longer swirling. This gets hard for me to explain. Imagine an infinite two-dimensional surface with colorful, slightly erratic patterns like a modern art painting that goes on forever. Pretend it's a giant bedsheet with folds and wrinkles, peaks and valleys like you'd expect to see if one was lying on the floor. Imagine a stack of these sheets that go up and down towards infinity, and you are somewhere in the middle, trying to move out from between two sheets in the stack.
To make matters trickier, imagine the sheets are on a conveyor belt and are being fed into something like a trash compactor that compresses all of the stacked sheets into a single plane, so that if the compactor was behind you and you ran along the surface of the sheets to escape it, the compactor would still be the same distance behind you. If that wasn't enough, the wrinkles and folds in the sheets constrict your movement such that you can only go where the folds allow you go. The folds create what are essentially forks in your path, so you must constantly evaluate and move towards paths you prefer.
I was absolutely terrified and felt I had no control over what was happening save the ability to stay just ahead of the compactor, which was not behind me but to my right. I tried to reach out for something to save me, and was surprised to see my hand in front of me, because it was somehow moving through the sheets. Imagine looking at your hand as if it had been separated into a hundred cross-sections, and each section appears on a different sheet as a shape that is part of the modern art composition of the plane.
As I saw my hand, I also saw the hand of my wife and clasped it. It was so strange because they did not feel like two things coming together, but instead like a single thing that now had a slightly different arrangement. I was not choosing to hold her hand, but rather the patterns on the sheets made it happen. I looked up to see my wife's face, and as I tried to focus on it, I sensed that I was coming out from between the sheets.
"It's going to be okay!" I exclaimed, and was so relieved that I began laughing uncontrollably to the point of tears, and repeated my exclamation again and again. I was so shocked to discover myself still on the couch amongst friends.
But I still wasn't out. Only part of my head and left arm had made it into reality. My whole right side was still on the verge of getting sucked into oblivion. I was being born, and as I struggled to pull myself out, I disrupted the tension between the different layers causing them to slide and my body to shake. It seemed that if two sheets disconnected, they would no longer fit together, and my legs might just fly off. Once all of me was back in reality, nothing seemed the same anymore. On the one hand, everything seemed so amazing and connected, but on the other it felt so much more like a machine that processes space and time into a fabric of particular design for some unfathomable purpose.
Reality seems so much more like a dream now, and I keep having to tell myself that the universe is not like the trip, that the trip was just some crazy dream, but I'm having a hard time believing it. I'm anxious to try it again, because the curiosity is driving me nuts.


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Posted by hero4evz on 11/25/2008
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Great explanation, but I must say from the sounds of things you should have taken things slower. To go that far on your first time is slightly dangerous, to take things slower lets you know the effects of salvia before you experience it in it's entirety. I myself have difficult realizing the difference between reality and my trips for a day or so at a time, but sometimes that's the beauty of the inner journey that happens thanks to this. I'd recommend a lighter dose next time so as to not experience the almost blackout effects you had, but you did it correctly by having sitters. Just be safe when enjoying this herbs beauty! Good Luck.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 11/25/2008
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Thanks for letting us see your inner mind with your report.

Salvia is for sure a mind bender and I never get bored with all the different accounts.

I could go on with so many accounts right now but instead I will share what has been a journey of great blessings.

I have systematically been using everyday at different doses and at different times and looking for all the common and regular effects that come after ingestion. I have smoked several extracts with varied weighed amounts and also done "quids" with salvia leaf sublingually.

One thing that stands out is there is a common thread of fear or even terror when a person 1st trips. Yet, they always (almost) yearn to go back and try again.

Happy adventures and try and find why you are chosen to take the journey that you can never turn back from now.


Posted by Traveler on 11/26/2008
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(I'm author of the post) I'll definitely be taking a smaller dose next time. That trip was too much too soon, but it is a place I'd like to see again if I could just remain calm during the experience. Not in a big hurry to get there, though.


Posted by Synchronium on 11/26/2008
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Would you like me to put this trip under your account name, instead of Anonymous?


Posted by Traveler on 02/24/2009
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Synchronium, sorry for so late a reply, but yes, I'd like that as I now have a 2nd trip to report.

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