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My 1st trip...WTF?!?


Posted by Anonymous on 05/08/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Water Bong

I am a "newbie" when it comes to the drug scene. In fact, I had only gotten high off MJ once in my life and I tried "shrooms" once. I really enjoyed the "shroom" experience and began searching for legal psychedelics since it is hard for me to get shrooms and they are illegal. After doing some internet research, I came across something called Salvia. I started reading the trip reports and thought "Sure, sure, whatever...these people are just exaggerating to have a cool story. There is NO WAY these people are having these kind of experiences by smoking a legal plant. Out of sheer curiousity, I ordered some 20X is my story.

My package arrived in the mail a few days after ordering and I was very excited. I had purchased a bong and torch lighter from a smoke shop and hid them in my garage until the right time. About a week later, I said "Tonight's the night". My wife was asleep and I took the bong and salvia outside to my car which was parked in our driveway. I didn't have a sitter because I didn't really "believe" I would need one. I hid my keys in the back of the car so I couldn't drive away or do something stupid. I loaded the bowl, lit it and took a hit. Held it for probably 15 seconds. Nothing. Took another hit. Held for 20 seconds. Hmmmm...starting to feel something. One more hit. Hold it in...Ok something is happening. I put the bong down on the floor. Uh-oh...I feel like I've made a BIG mistake. I could feel the salvia taking over my body and it felt like I was about to be taken out of my body. I started apologizing out loud to the salvia like "Please, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." I was hoping I could take it back and go back to right before I inhaled the smoke but it was too late. I saw a grayish-white circle appear in the center of my windshield and I heard a male voice say "Come!" Immediately, my body was forcibly pushed into my seat and I was completely in some other reality or dimension.

I could see my body made out of all these different colored pieces. It seemed like they were shaped like Tic-Tac candies. That's the best I can describe them. All the pieces were moving and vibrating kind of like if you were to put marbles in pan and shake it lightly. It felt as I was was going to disassemble and become a part of an unknown "them". In fact, I was fully aware that "they" were coming to get me. I didn't feel like "they" were necessarily good or bad...they just were. It was like I knew I was about to become a part of this bigger entity.

I could also hear this repetitive sound loop "Rum Tum Tum" over and over again. In my altered state, I thought it was all the voices of the universe singing together in unison. I was started to regain some conscious thinking and said to myself, "I remember this noise from a previous time...maybe when I was a kid...I can't quite remember." (Note: When I came out of the salvia trip, I couldn't recall the sound. About 2 months later it came to me out of nowhere.)

During the trip, I recall mumbling random nonsense like "Crazy"..."not gonna believe this"...and basic jibberish. When I was able to open my eyes, I saw that I was in my car but I was still hazy. I got my cell phone out to call my friend MK but it was difficult to figure out how to work the phone. By the time I finally called him, I was laughing hysterically. I don't even know why I was laughing. Maybe because I had gone to another world and I was happy to be back...I'm not really sure. All I know is that I could barely talk because I was laughing so hard.

Salvia is indeed REAL and I am a believer. Since then, I have experimented a few more times including the Quid method. I really hope that idiots stop making YouTube videos showing their salvia trips. Bringing attention to Sally will probably mean it will become illegal in all states before long. Try it if you are curious, but I assure you that it might show you something that you aren't READY to see.


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Posted by Dreamer on 07/12/2011
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Good report! You were very brave to try 20x your first time. :-)
I've found that 10x works wonders for me.


Posted by Donax on 08/22/2011
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I know exactly how you feel. 2 days ago i tried salvia for the first time and had that "I started apologizing out loud to the salvia like "Please, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." I was hoping I could take it back and go back to right before I inhaled the smoke but it was too late." feeling also.

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