Salvia Trip

My 1st trip was 10 seconds. My 2nd trip was 10 minutes.


Posted by Anonymous on 29/01/2008
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Type/Strength:Leaf, enhanced 25x
Dosage:Varies, see below
Method of Ingestion:Water pipe (bong)

Greetings everybody, glad to make your acquaintance. This is my first post in this forum, and I feel that I must start off by thanking everybody who has posted advice here. It has helped me greatly. I wrote some of this last night, and some this morning. Please excuse the length, I donít know how I can make it any shorter when this is already the condensed version. Words cannot describe what I went through, but with about 50 more pages Iím sure I could better make you understand. Also I donít know for sure if this is in the right experience level. I nearly put it in level 5, but I did not loose all contact with reality as is required for that level. I just lost most contact with reality. Maybe 90%. Moderators please feel free to move this to what ever level you feel is appropriate.

Iím sitting on my bed looking at a little pile of 25x on a piece of paper. Iím wondering if I should pour that pile into my bowl and try again. On the wall in front of me is a night light that slowly changes color. I thought it might be interesting. In another room some soothing nature-type music plays on some high quality speakers. I thought that too might be beneficial in some way. My past experiences with smoking anything other than cigars, has kinda lead me to believe that pretty lights and nice, interesting music are beneficial and interesting during the smoking experience. I see now that Salvia is a whole different can of worms. It is not so much something that helps you take your senses to a different level. I guess sensual enhancement would be a term IĎm looking for. Itís not really about your senses at all though. I think itís more about what is in your mind and how your mind perceives things, or wants to perceive things, regardless of what your senses tell you. At least this is how it is (was) for me. Your mileage may vary, but itís more about your mind leaving or disregarding your senses and making up itís own little story, or realityhe least. I was a little dizzy for a few minutes afterward, but not so much I couldnít walk. Within 3 or 4 minutes of the trip starting I felt completely sober and went to the other end of the house to get the laptop and start recording this experience before I forgot it.

At this point Iím a little disappointed in the cost involved for a 10 second trip, but Iím sure there are other ways of ingestion that probably last longer. I thought this was supposed to last ľ to Ĺ hour, with slight mood elevation for a day or two. Oh well, perhaps Iíll try my vaporizer later, or even cooking once I get my plants going.

Now here I am, back to looking at the little pile of 25x sally. Should I, or shouldnít I. Well I think we all know the answer. I am wondering though If I can even get down 2 good hits before getting transported to another dimension and spilling bong water all over the bed. Oh well letís see. Here goes, wish me luck and Iíll report tomorrow, or perhaps even tonight still if it lasts only a few seconds again.

2nd try:

A bit apprehensive, I loaded up a full hit, sucked it down and held it for 10 seconds or so. I emptied the ash, and by the time I started putting the 2nd hit into the bowl I started feeling a bit weird. Determined to take 2 full hits, my arms elongating as I put the bong up to my face. A full hit, set the bong down and hold the hit in. As I exhaled, boom. There I was in that same uncomfortable dimension described above, only this time it was all of me instead of my right half.

I tried sitting on the bed a little, but that started to seem terribly wrong for some reason. I thought that if I could just make it to the couch everything will be OK. As I stood up I remember wondering if I really should be trying to walk around, but next thing I knew I was on the couch. I remember nothing of the walk there. I began to become even more afraid, perhaps one could even say I was getting terrified. I changed positions a few times on the couch and I remember sweating quite heavily. There was nothing else in my world at that point except the couch and I. I remember talking out loud, and as if I were talking to someone in the real dimension I said that I didnít like it, and I wanted to come back. Talking was extremely weird, and the first time I heard my voice I became further afraid. It was as if the soundtrack to that dimension lagged a second behind the movie. I put together sentences and talked just fine I believe, but it was like I thought I was unable to talk, and nobody in the real dimension would be able to hear me. The words were echoing and I was hearing them a second after I was saying them.

Suddenly the couch was entirely the wrong place to be. I became extremely afraid that I might have to communicate with someone. For some reason I absolutely did not want that to happen. I started heading back to the bedroom, again wondering if I should be walking in this condition. About half way there I had thoughts of me stumbling and hitting my head on something sharp. I looked down at my body to make sure I was walking OK. Iím 6 feet tall and then some, and I swear my body looked about 12 feet tall. I was really tall and skinny, and I had long toothpick legs, but those legs kept walking just fine. Itís hard to describe, but I was here, yet I was not here. Here was all blurry and rushing by me. Much of the time when I was walking, I was in front of myself and I saw me walking quite clearly, yet everything around me was blurry and rushing by me. It was rushing neither with or against the flow. The same way that there was a blurry line between the left side of my face and the jumbled up right side, there was a blurry line all around my body. The blurry line merged into the out of focus world rushing around me. The rushing made noise, and it sounded a little like wind, but more like a combination of a bunch of people talking at once, and radio static. I did not notice or pay attention much to this sound, but occasionally I would reaurself through a window, but to put a hand on your shoulder and tell you that youíre fine and everything will soon be back to normal.

2.  Salvinorin A is unlike any other substance you may have used. Do not disrespect it or take it lightly. Frankly I have a very hard time understanding how this remains legal while weed and some other things are not.

3.  Because of #2 above, do not mix it with anything else, at least until you are highly experienced. For newbies, trust me it is plenty powerful enough by itself, and you are not going to want to be altered in any other way.

4.  Start low, increase slowly. I donít know why I felt absolutely nothing with a 10th of a hit of 25x, but for most people I believe that or less is an appropriate dose for a fist timer. If I had experienced lower doses first, I probably would have been less terrified, and I would have enjoyed the experience much more.

5. Consider having a change of clothes handy. You may end up drenched in sweat.

6.  Last, but the opposite of least, try not to freak out too much. If you start to do so, just keep reminding yourself that these trips last less than 15 minutes, and you are not going to die or remain in that condition forever.

Well theres my little story. I hope you enjoyed it or at least found it interesting. I have a couple ques


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