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My 3 salvia experiences


Posted by Anonymous on 20/06/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

My very first experience with Sally was me sitting on my couch taking a couple hits from my brother's pipe. After inhaling 1 time (about 1 bowl full) i just felt weird. I decided to smoke 1 more bowl and, as i was inhaling, i started feeling like i was in a trance sort of - a little bit, not much. I could still think. Anyways, while i was in my "trance" sort of, it felt like i was being pulled by some unseen force, to my right side. To be more specific -my head was being pulled to the right. It was really weird, but it is hard to recall truly what i felt, since this was about half a year ago.

My second experience was a lot more simple. After smoking about 2 bowls i lay down on my bed with the blinds shut. It felt like my heart was going to pop out of me. I could FEEL the outline of my heart and i simply could just grab it and rip it out of me. :Note: I felt this bizarre feeling my first experience too.

It was truly a uncomfortable feeling

Now my third experience was the best. I was with two other friends, whom also decided to smoke salvia with me. First friend who smoked couldn't stop laughing while saying "no". Apparently he had a trip, as he told me about it, saying that me and his other friend blended into the wall behind us, while colors were going everywhere and the walls started closing in on him. After that me and second friend smoked a bowl - it was amazing. We didn't trip but we laughed like no laugh i ever felt before!! It felt so pure and deep in my soul - like my very core was laughing. It didn't last long unfortunately, but i'm blessed to have had that experience.

Now many times i tried to smoke and to "give in" to sally but i always coward. I never have hallucinated before so i get really freaked out by the idea. I really need to let go and try this because - not for the experience itself, but because i seek answers and i need self realization. To be healed.

P.S. Sorry for this long story. I also wanted to ask if Salvia can cure (or at least help) Lyme Disease, as my mother got it long time ago, still has it too. I wish scientists would research it.


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