Salvia Trip

My brother ruined it


Posted by Anonymous on 26/01/2011
Avg Rating: Unrated

Method of Ingestion:Water Bong

So me and my buddies went to this head shop and bought 80x Salvia. We decided to wait until the weekend but my buddy gave me a bit to get a sneak peak. So I asked my brother if he could record me but he said only if I did it in his room. So I told him to get anything that I could possibly destroy out of the way. Being the fucking lazy fat ass he is he decided to leave stuff how they were. So I took 2 hits and before you knew it I was seeing like an outline of my body coming from me. Then came the laughter. I started rolling on the floor and sure enough my bong landed on a surge protector and sparks started coming out of it. it had only been like a minute and a half and I don't know how I did it but I forced myself to become lucid so I could save the house from burning down


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