Salvia Trip

My experiences with leaf (1x), and 17x extract


Posted by Anonymous on 13/10/2007
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Type/Strength:Worked up from 1x Leaf to 17x Extract
Dosage:One toke per 5-15 minutes
Method of Ingestion:Smoking

I had purchased one ounce of leaf off ebay, and had smoked it (one hit on each occasion) about 20 times over the course of six weeks or so. Last Saturday (10.6.07) after dark, or dusk, LOL, I can't remember. I put on my earbuds, with my Soundblaster soundcard, pulled up the BBC Radio free RadioPlayer, tuned to Dance, courtesy of Radio 1 DJ  Eddie Halliwell. I looked into my Windows Media Player Visualisations-(A MUST for the TRUE Salvia experience. I cannot stress this enough. I keep mine set to "Alchemy." I packed a hit of leaf. I felt as if I had before. Then I decided to go farther, faster, and bolder. So, I took another hit. Soon came a period of deep introspection. My body felt a little warm, I felt an awesome body buzz, then I went on to levels of insight I experienced while on LSD. I haven't seen the stuff in thirteen years, so it was great to be back. After a few minutes, I was coming back down..., another hit. The music was impeccable, the visualisations ethereal. I just realized how wonderful my life was, even after all the mistakes I had made, that I had been on the right track all along, and that I should continue in my studies, that everything would go my way. I then realized that extract was in order, that my lungs were starting to feel a little hot. I stayed there for more than three hours, a most wonderful time, having consumed probably fifteen hits in all. I felt so good about life and other people! This feeling continued long after.  I was laughing and just having real fun the next week in class. I believe this is really good medicine for the downtrodden, or just plain stressed-out. I will do only extracts in the future 17x is good (I tried it for the first time yeaterday.), but I think I will eventually settle higher. The purer, the better. Lungs are delicate. I don't think that I can achieve the most profound spiritual level unless I do it only when needed. Moderation is key here. I say, maybe every week, just to free my mind of life's tension. Only, instead of getting drunk and watching tv, I will do something far more constructive, and not to mention harmless. I urge others to do the same!

-Increase the Peace.



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