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My first experience with Salvia


Posted by Angelus Sancti on 26/01/2009
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Type/Strength:Crushed Extract 15x
Method of Ingestion:Smoke

Back when I decided that I was going to experiment with salvia to augment my practices of meditation, I thought it would also be a good idea for me to keep a journal of my experiences. So I figured I would share my experience from the first time I ever tried Salvia, exactly as I wrote it down that day, edited for punctuation.


So I had my very first experience with Salvia today. Infact, as I sit here and type this, I am stuggling to come down off of it and keep my keyboard keys in place long enough for me too type on them. Har. I find that if I keep my mind occupied, I can focus on the actual *physical* world and distract myself from the odd tendency to wanna pay attention to all the non-logical.. weird flying colors and shapes world. It's almost like the logic you have when you're dreaming. Except that when you're dreaming you have absolutely no concept or idea of what the real world is.

The more idle my brain is, the more it's tending to wander. Yes, I'm sure this makes complete sense right now.

Anyhow, I find that it actually isn't all that hard to type without making mistakes. In fact, it almost seems automated. It's getting my brain to spit out the right words in the right order that seems to be the problem at the moment.

BUT HEY.. none of this is even the interesting part. The strangest thing, for me, was being under the influence of the drug and not even realizing it. I was well aware of the hallucinogenic effects of Salvi before I tried it, but I had no idea that it was such a smooth transition. One moment I was just lying in my bed, waiting for it to kick in, then suddenly realizing that the celing wasn't supposed to be sliding off to the right. The ceiling was suddenly melting vanilla ice cream, and it was dripping it's way towards my window. Then I saw a dragon - A colorful chinese type dragon - with lots of feathers and colors. It was like an infinitely long tube or snake, flying right at my face from behind my ceiling. And the ceiling itself seemed to be glowing, and was being jarred around by some unknown force. Now it was solid again, but only for a short period.

When my mind focused on it once more, it fell back into a liquid like mode and was moving off to the right. This is when I realized that my bed and everything else was falling to the right - I along with it. So I closed my eyes to find myself being wrapped up in a strange and colorful wave, and my sense of gravity was being highly distorted. Up was now down and vice versa. Everything around me began dripping downwards as I was now on what felt like the ceiling. When I had the awareness to be curious of what was below me, I realized that I was floating over a mountainside cliff and there was an enormous city far below to my right. Oh yeah, it got reaaaaaly trippy then. I watched for a short while before realzing I was falling again - still wrapped up in some strange tube. I began sliding down it like a waterslide; I could catch brief flashes of people standing on either side and watching me as I fell down this extremely colorful tube. Now as I ponder it, I'm wondering if the dragon I saw to begin with just swallowed me. Once I had enough of that, I opened my eyes again, knowing that would bring me back to the real world. But the strange visual hallucinations continued there.

I looked over to my window and realized that the tops of my curtains carried a blue flame on them. Though they weren't burning. It was actually kinda neat. Then I began to see smoke flying out as if pushed by a very strong breeze, and as I concentrated on the curtains more, I could see a face in them due to some strange matrixing of the pattern they're made of. Hoo.. feeling rather normal again.

Anyhow, this is where the experience took a quite personal turn for me. After I closed my eyes again, I was presented with an image of my guardian angel back atop that same mountain or cliff that I was on before, high above that weird city I saw. I became suddenly aware of two presences that were with me. The angel, and another someone standing behind me. They were both very comforting and encouraging, but I was never sure of who the second presence was. The only thing that I can remember being discussed at that moment was how they were glad to be able to contact me in such a manner.

Then my mind wandered again and lost focus and I actually got out of the bed and came to the computer with the intentions of telling someone something, but then realizing I didn't know who I was gonna talk to or what I was gonna say. So instead of that I began typing this. I remember when walking between here and there it felt as if I were passing through the colorful tunnel again, and my feet felt like they were about 20' below my body. They were awfully heavy, as if I were floating high above them and they were my anchors to keep me from floating away.

And now this experience sorta loops back to where I started typing about it. That was a good 20-25 minute experience. And I think I got up more than once during it. I'm having trouble remembering the *actual* events that happened, over the ones that I experienced that had nothing to do with the 'real world'. It's sorta like.. dreaming.. and having complete control over your body during the process. I tried to remain as still as I could, and just experience it. That worked for the most part, though I did find myself clenching at the strange gravity effects a couple of times. And aside from my odd compulsion to get up as I was coming off of it, I stayed in my bed the whole time.

Right about when I tried to start typing this, my keyboard seemed like it was vibrating and smoke was sifting through. It sometimes obscured what I could see. If I sat still or idle for too long, my focus would sorta sway to the hallucinations instead of the real world around me. All in all, I would consider it a pretty awesome experience.

It's taken me well over an hour to type all of this. Apparently Salvia really skews your perception of time.


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