Salvia Trip

My first REAL trip!


Posted by Anonymous on 11/01/2008
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Dosage:1/4 gram
Method of Ingestion:Smoking (bong)

Ok it happened!! no sensation of being folded in have this time. I put 1/4 gram of this Standardized 10x in my bong. I took a big hit and layed on my bed in the near dark. I'm going to try to explain this as best I can....everything around me (the bed sheets, cieling, floor ect..) including my body became one thing.Then it was like being in a dryer.We (everything in the bedroom including my body) started to tumble in rotation over and over again, and we were chanting some words, which were either jibberish or a different language. I ended up on my bedroom floor(which wasn't my floor at this point) and as WE were being tumbled(like doing summersalts) I put my hands out and stopped the rotation. I started to look around...and there was my room, but I was still apart of everything. I started to slowly climb out of this other realm back into my bedroom still chanting those wierd words. I looked down and from my waist down was still apart of everything else, then I quickly pulled the rest of my body back into my room. THAT WAS A MIND BLOWER!!!!!


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