Salvia Trip

My First Salvia Concentrate


Posted by Anonymous on 13/02/2010
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Type/Strength:5x standerdized concentrate and Normal Leaf
Method of Ingestion:Water Bong

I have smoked normal salvia leaves at least ten times before i tried any of the standerdized extract, and i liked it. I always got really heavy and had mild visions when my eyes were closed, but nothing like I experienced last night. This may sound a little unbelievable for just 5x, but I swear to you that is what it was. Here we go.... I ordered some 5x standerdized concentrate from my usual supplier, got it in a couple days. I went to my buddies house last night, and brought it with me, we smoked some regular leaf to get used to the feeling again. Then i loaded a bowl up with about 1/5 gram of leaf (about a third of a bowl) then put about an 1/8 of a gram of 5x on top of that. I took a really big hit and held it in untill i counted to 20, and that is when I started tripping. I woke up (in my trip) as a planet and i was in my planet car with my planet friend, and i was like whoa, has my whole life been a dream, I mean I was kinda freaking out. Reality did not exist, it never did, it was all a dream, my whole life and everything i believed in, and everything i have done was all a dream! I started to try and remember everything i have done in my life, but it was a fleeting memory. Then i looked over at my planet buddy, and then i was looking at my self I was sitting in a chair at my buddie's house, so i thought i was coming back. NO NO... it was still going on strong, while i was looking at my self sitting there, i started to peel open like a bannana my arms and legs were the peel, and my torso and head were the bannana, but i still thought i was a planet and life didn't exist, so i got really sad, and just sit there as a planet bannana, untill i remembered everything again, and i was back at my buddie's house, with everyone there. So that was my first concentrated salvia trip, i hope you enjoyed this. If you have any questions feel free to email me at ""

thanks for reading!


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