Salvia Trip

My first salvia trip


Posted by Anonymous on 10/05/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Water bong

So a couple of days ago me and a few friends tried salvia. I was the last to go because I was kind of nervous, and seeing other people do it first kind of made it easier. So I start to light the bowl ofcourse, take a pretty fat rip, and I hold it in for about 20 seconds. When I exhale, I could already feel a headchange, and am already starting to see stuff. First of all, when I blew out my smoke, it went in two opposite directions, half went directly left and the other half directly right. I then really start to feel it. This next hallucination was as if it was an entrance to my trip. I felt as if I had leaned back to far in my chair and had fallen backwards, but it was a very fast, heavy fall.(I was on a couch, I didn't really fall). For these next hallucinations, I"m not exactly sure what order they went in, si I'll explain it in the order that I think it went in. I was totally disconnected from reality at this point. The place I was at was some other "dimension", everything around me was yellow. I remember there being people, but a woman in particular, who seemed to be "guiding" me through my trip. They did not seem hostile at all. This place that I was at, I had never imagined before, but it seemed right, It seemed familiar, it seemed if I had been there for years. The next thing I remember is that i see my friends again. But it's not really them. They are saying something, Im not sure what. Around them I see a huge blue ocean in front of me, and palm trees which are all very cartoonish, are hanging above us, and on the side of us. All of my friends faces had red pinstriped going virtically down them. It seemed as if they were all towereing over me. For a while it just felt like it was just a big joke on me, but then all of a sudden, it got very serious. One of the friends in front of me said something (He didn't really say anything) that convinced me that he was about to kill me. I KNEW that I was about to die. I turned to my other friend and he assured me that he was going to kill me (Again, they were not messing with me). I was then back at the yellow "dimension" again. In front of me was a huge yellow road. The woman was there, and it was as if she was telling me goodbye, and that she hopes I will come back. At this point I start to come back to reality, I see my friends, and am not perceiving them as hostile. I found this experience to be very enjoyable, even with the thought of my friend killing me. It is definately something that I would try again at some point, so long as I have a comfortable place to do it at, and have good sitters.


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