Salvia Trip

My First Time


Posted by rwag69 on 06/08/2009
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Type/Strength:10 X Extract
Method of Ingestion:Smoking

I have been looking around the internet for a new hallucinagen lately when I came across salvia. Learning that it was legal, i went over to my local head shop and picked a gram of the 10 X extract up. When I got home that day, I found a nice grassy spot in my yard, sat down and packed a bowl, not even having a clue what I would go through in the next 10 minutes.
After putting everything safely to the side, I lit up my bowl with a torch lighter and took two of the biggest hits in my life. Right as I blew the second one out, it seemed as if the whole world in front of me got flat, with kind of a clay look to it, and disappeared as a violent, powerful force pulled all of my reality and existence underground. Somewhat of a glitchy appearence came over everything as i was pulled into another dimension. My reality was a square, and i was the corner piece of it, trying to break free, but it would keep pulling me in, onto a grid of reality squares that were different scenarios in the past, present and future. I thought that this was the end for me, I was lost into the grids of reality, and everyone would forget about me, I just wanted everything to be normal again.
As I started coming out of this experience, I ran to my trailer, which was really two steps away but it seemed like a journey, because time was non existent to me in this state. When I layed down on it I felt as though I had become the trailers emotions, and discovered that it thinks people laugh at it. I reassured myself that they didn't and the trailers emotions felt better again. I went and sat back on the ground and waited for the trip to quickly fade away, (which seemed like hours at the time) and all was normal again.
All I can say is that my first salvia trip was the most terrifying experience ever, but at the same time, it opened my eyes and made me respect reality much more, because it was extremely chaotic and bizarre.


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