Salvia Trip

My First Time


Posted by Anonymous on 18/03/2008
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I'm just coming down from my first trip.  I didn't want to do too much, as I was alone and unsure of it's effect.  I distinctly remember taking a pinch from the bag (yes, Ebay arrived this afternoon) and I put it in the pipe and lit it.  Brought back memories of my first cannabis experience, although that was with a group of friends.  I felt my perception changing and knew I was on my way.  I decided to take another pinch, just so I would be certain.  I sat back and just let my thoughts run free.  It was as if my senses were heightened.  My hearing was super sensitive, I could hear my watch ticking even though my hand was at my side, a person walked by outside, and I could hear each footstep.  My sense of taste was effected as well, I could taste each swallow of saliva with hints of my mint chewing gum.  Everything seemed magnified.  I imagine that sex must be incredible at this stage, can't wait to try it. 

Coming down was very smooth.  Time seems to be going at a fast rate.  It's now almost 5pm.  I started at 3:30..I'm still a bit foggy.  I think I'll have some dinner and just veg in front of the tv.  As I said, I didn't want to go too far, being the first time.  I liked the experience and felt it opened myself to a wonderous new world.  Looking forward to trying again SOON!!!  :)


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