Salvia Trip

My first trip


Posted by Yoopi on 12/02/2008
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Type/Strength:Plain leaves
Method of Ingestion:waterbong

Friday evening, like I planed, I'll try salvia for the first time.
Let's go, I take my bang, one headpiece (~0.2g I think) of plain leaves, and the feelings of salvia begins, my legs are useless, and my body is very hot..
Then, I take a second headpiece, I was holding the smoke in my lungs, watching my garden, and I seen my garden was not like usually..
Yes, it was like a jungle, in the dark... At this moment, I knew I was having a vision, so I decided to go to the bedroom of my friend, I opened the door, and WTF, I seen that my corridor was like a corridor of a castle, it was very long, and there were some art, like paintings or busts, again like in the castle.
I opened the door of my friend's bedroom, the bedroom was big, I seen my friend like usually, but his legs were very long, I told him that I don't want to come back to the other world (the corridor and my bedroom), and I was frustrated to see that he don't believe me...
I came back at the door to see if the corridor is still like in a castle, and yes it was, so it made me laughing a lot, my friend forced me to lay down on the bed, and I was laughing, laughing, laughing :D
That was the end of the trip, after this trip, I was asking me if I were in the real world, or in my trip, maybe for 30 minuts.
I think this was a level3 because while I was tripping I knew that it was because of salvia, and I was in the real world, even if it was transformed. Do you think it was level  3 ?


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