Salvia Trip

my frist time


Posted by Anonymous on 22/02/2009
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Type/Strength:just some leafs i bought of the internet not sure what strenght
Method of Ingestion:smoked

frist i went in to the bath room and i took a hit nothing so i got online and i read about how to smoke it so i go back in to the bathroom and i hit it held it and hit it agian well frist of all let me say this yea i was a lone and yea i watched a bunch of them trip videos o u tube and i was a lttle freaked out about smoking it alone but i not going to lie i done my share of drugs in the past so i figured i can hanle it so at frist me head was just throbing a little then i felt like i was being pulled back the wierd thang about it was i felt like i wasnt alone i felt like there was two people with me and i was talking to them one wanted me to go back wards and he was the one pulling me and the other was telling me to go for wards i was tell him to hokd on i never heard there voices i just felt like they were there so after a moment or two i got off the tolite and went and sat sown in the living room i felt normal again but i was trying to gather the peics of what actully just happen then i thought f it i going to try it again this time i went it to the bed room closet and sat in the dark on the floor agaisnt the wall shut the door so it would be dark this time i closed my eyes this freaked me out just a little i seen thangs this time inn my head i was by some water some were and there was two people with me then i open my eyes i was a little confused i gave it a second and it wore off the thang is i felt two people both times i never saw them or actully heard them but i new what they wanted and i new they were there as real as i know iam typing right know i know they were there just crazy i guess but the way them videos show it not how i felt


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Posted by Traveler on 02/24/2009
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Fascinating. I too got the distinct impression that I was near two 'people', and though I did not see or hear them, I felt I understood them somehow.


Posted by abakua81 on 04/20/2009
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My experience has been that "people" dont exist. There is always something internal telling me that the day to day is fake and just one big joke. I actually was mourning the loss of loved ones one time because I thought I was not coming back.

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