Salvia Trip

My furnitures were talking to me


Posted by whathef on 18/09/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Glass Water Bong

Got my bag of 10x yesterday, and I've taken 3 hits since then. All 3 times, I was with my girlfriend, and I only held in for 5 seconds each time in small dosages. I laughed like crazy. Everything she said or did were extremely funny to me. On the 3rd time, I held it in a little longer, and I thought her legs were part of a school building structure for little alien school children. I woke up from the trip about 10 seconds later.

My real trip was about 20 minutes ago, when I sat down and took it alone. I hereby cannot stress enough that you really need a sitter, no matter how confident you think you are or how strong you think you are against handling Salvia.

I packed a large bowl and took a big hit and held for about 10+ seconds until I just felt like it was right to let it go. I was sitting on my couch, back arched, arms on my knees, head on my hands. Suddenly I heard all the furnitures telling me to 'go'. They were pointing and pushing me towards the door on my left, and kept telling me "Let's go, let's go!". I couldn't for the life of me bear to go out of the room because I'll be then walking into the living room with people and that would not have ended well.

I knew then that the Salvia had kicked in, and boy were they strong. I kneeled on the floor and told the furnitures that I can't go with them, I'd be in trouble. More and more furnitures began to talk: the coffee table, the bong, the carpet, the bed, the bean bag, the chair, the closet. They were all "pushing my mind" to go out of that door. It was scary as I knew I was alone and then I could have really compelled to their demands. This is why I need to stress that you need a sitter when taking Salvia, so that he or she can 'stop' you in the case of you have a trip where you have to 'go' somewhere.

I will do it again, next time when my girlfriend is around. But man, that was some crazy shit


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Posted by Astaroth12 on 05/30/2012
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lmfao!Id have been fighting with the talking furniture.

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