Salvia Trip

My Lesbian Teddy Grahm


Posted by HelloMiakoda on 16/08/2009
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Type/Strength:Standardized 40x
Method of Ingestion:Smoked

It was my first time. I had read a lot, but wasn't sure what to expect. I did NOT expect THIS!

First, I was just calm and high.
Then, the walls melted. I thought "Landlord is going to flip, not getting that deposit back".
The room swirled, like my reality was a big toilet.
Everything was so colorful, and I was made of purple. I like purple, and was happy to be it.

Then panic set it. I started to freak, and feel sick. The hallway was drawn in crayon on black.
But... As soon as I remembered all I had read before trying it, and realizing how doubtful it was that I had enough to die... I was ok. "I'm going to go enjoy this", and I laid on my bed and closed my eyes.

I entered this moroonish brown space. There, I met a girl who was a Teddy Grahm. Yes, the cookie.
She wanted me to pleasure her, orally. I went down on her and started licking. Nothing. So I licked harder, still nothing. "C'mon! Get in to it!" she said. So I took a nibble, and that got her going. So I nibbled more, and more. Finally, she came. She then looked down and realized I had eaten everything from her crotch to her chest. Well, she was a cookie, I like cookies. She got REAL mad, and started bitching at me. So I ate the rest of her to shut her up.
I then realized I was also a Teddy Grahm cookie.

I am willing to admit here that I have some issues in the real world, and thus I wear diapers. This carried over to my trip.
In this trip world, I wet my diaper, but it was milk. Being a Teddy Grahm cookie, the milky diaper made me get all soggy and mushy. I fell apart, but I was ok with that. I ate some of my own cookie mush. It wasn't as yummy as the Teddy Grahm girl I had eaten. I missed her.

This is when I came back to reality, sort of. The walls rippled until I fell asleep. I awoke a little grimy, but a shower fixed that, and I spent the next 2 days in the best mood I've been in in a long time. I was, the whole day after my trip, badly craving a cuddle.

I can't wait to take another ride.


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